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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ayrshire & Near Ayrshire

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ayrshire & Near Ayrshire

    When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab Ayrshire, it is important to look at the statistics.

    A report carried out by The NRS highlighted that within just one year, 82 local people living in Ayrshire died due to drugs.

    Specifically, 29 people died in East Ayrshire due to drugs, 38 in North Ayrshire and 15 in South Ayrshire.

    When it comes to drug and alcohol-related deaths in the UK, the demographic with the highest levels of deaths were those aged between 35-54 years old, with more men dying from drug and alcohol than women.

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    In fact, the majority of those with a drug and alcohol addiction are male (71%).

    The most recent study, carried out in 2020 noted 1,339 drug and alcohol-related deaths in Ayrshire, with a 5% increase from 2019.

    Whilst drug and alcohol-related deaths have been on the rise since 1996, this is the largest raise recorded.

    Hospitalisations And Treatment In Ayrshire

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    When it comes to alcohol-related issues, 537 people were noted to have an alcohol-related health issue in hospitals in East Ayrshire alone throughout 2018 and 2019.

    The areas of Ayrshire with the highest drug-related hospital admissions are Ayr, Three Towns, Kilmarnock and Irvine.

    However, of these individuals, 70% of those in hospital with an alcohol-related issue were discharged before they received any treatment and decided to self-discharge.

    When it comes to looking into treatment sessions for drug and alcohol addiction in Ayrshire, 33.7% of people who are engaged in treatment for alcohol and drug services do not attend their allotted assessments on a regular basis.

    Of those in drug rehab in Ayrshire, a shocking 85% carry out an unplanned discharge.

    Of those undergoing alcohol rehab in Ayrshire, 35.5% of all discharges are unplanned.

    What Is Alcohol Addiction?

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    Alcohol addiction is when an individual suffers from behavioural, cognitive and psychological issues surrounding a need to drink alcohol even when they are aware of the harm it is doing to their mind and physical health.

    Those who are dependent and severely addicted to alcohol drink for a prolonged period of time and tend to binge drink frequently.

    They drink so much that their body becomes dependent on the drug – in fact, a sudden stop in consumption will put their body at risk.

    Eventually, this will result in alcohol withdrawal syndrome, which needs to be treated and medically managed.

    If you suffer from an addiction to alcohol, you should consider attending an alcohol rehab in Ayrshire or near Ayrshire.

    What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction?

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    If you think you or someone you know might be addicted to alcohol then you should look out for the following signs and symptoms:

    • An increase in tolerance.
    • Feeling tired and lethargic.
    • Experiencing headaches.
    • Sweating excessively.
    • Experiencing issues with your weight.
    • Struggling to maintain your physical health and hygiene.
    • Struggle to sleep.
    • Smelling of alcohol on a frequent basis.
    • Turning up to work late on a frequent basis.
    • Being secretive and dishonest.
    • Drinking alcohol alone on a frequent basis.
    • Drinking in the morning just to get by.
    • Failing to maintain responsibilities.
    • Putting alcohol consumption above everything else.
    • Struggling to hold down your job.
    • Showing a lack of interest in hobbies and activities that they once loved.

    Long-term alcohol addiction can also lead to more serious health concerns, both physically and mentally.

    This includes:

    What Is Drug & Alcohol Rehab Ayrshire?


    If you are about to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Ayrshire or near Ayrshire, then you might feel a bit anxious about what rehab will be like.

    You might have seen certain scenes on the TV or in the media that will be affecting your preconception of rehab.

    Everyone undergoes and experiences very different things at rehab.

    However, it is important to remember that everyone’s aim at rehab is to recover in their own time and in their own way.


    A rehab centre is a place where people go to attend inpatient rehab treatment for either a drug or alcohol addiction.

    You will be surrounded by others who are all struggling with addictions too, as well as being treated on a daily basis by professionals and doctors.

    You will receive both medical and physical treatment as well as psychological treatment and therapy.

    Most rehab centres undergo the three steps of detox, treatment and aftercare.

    Depending on your addiction, you might be required to undergo a physical detox before you can receive any form of psychological treatment.

    Pre-Rehab Intervention


    An intervention is a way of motivating an individual to see the error of their ways and to change.

    When used in the context of addiction and rehab, interventions are used to help motivate an individual to seek help for their addiction and attend drug rehab or other addiction treatment.

    Holding An Intervention


    Friends and family members are often the ones to carry out the intervention, as they know the individual best.

    You can however invite a professional interventionist or a doctor to attend the intervention for some professional help and support.

    An intervention is when these individuals all get together to create a plan for their loved one.

    They are able to discuss the issue at hand and plan a time and date to confront their loved one with their concerns.

    The key to any good intervention is in the planning.

    During the intervention, you should highlight your worries and concerns using examples of their behaviour.

    You should then outline the treatment options available to them.


    Group therapy alcohol rehab Ayrshire

    Naturally, confronting your loved one with your concerns and worries at an already emotional and tough time will evoke strong emotions.

    Some people react well and some do not.

    It is only natural for the individual to feel confronted, upset or even angry.

    This is why it is important that you do not judge the individual in any way throughout your intervention.

    Instead, you must remain calm and factual.



    Community Reinforcement And Family Training (CRAFT) is an intervention approach used by lots of families and loved ones across the world.

    It is used when an individual is particularly reluctant to change their ways and get the help that they need.

    CRAFT helps friends and families to learn new ways of communicating with their loved one.

    It will also help friends and family members remember to look after themselves whilst looking after their loved one.

    The CRAFT method also helps individuals to:

    • Communicate more effectively with your loved one.
    • Learn new communication styles and techniques.
    • Practice effective positive reinforcement.

    What Is The Cost Of Attending Drug And Alcohol Rehab Ayrshire?


    If you want to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Ayrshire or near Ayrshire then you will need to be aware of just how much rehab in the UK and Ayrshire costs.

    You should also be aware of the different types of rehab, as this could affect the cost.

    For example, the length of time spent in rehab affects the cost of rehab massively, as well as whether individuals opt for inpatient or outpatient rehab.

    Some very expensive rehab centres might cost as much as £70,000 a month.

    However, most rehab centres are not this expensive.

    Centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Ayrshire cost approximately £495 per day, with most people staying approximately 28 – 90 days in order to fully recover.

    Is Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Ayrshire Covered By The NHS?


    Everyone in the UK is extremely lucky to receive help and support from the NHS for their medical needs.

    If you live in Ayrshire, you might be able to qualify for rehab funded by the NHS.

    Although there are no NHS-specific rehab centres, they are able to fund and book out beds within private rehab centres for individuals to use.

    However, not everyone in the UK or in Ayrshire will qualify for NHS funded rehab treatment.

    In order to see whether you would qualify for NHS-funded rehab, you should speak to your local GP or the drug and alcohol addiction team in Ayrshire.

    How Long Does Inpatient Rehab Last?


    Some people spend months in rehab, and some spend just weeks.

    This very much depends on how severe your addiction is, what you’re addicted to and whether or not you suffer from a dual diagnosis.

    If you suffer from a mild or moderate addiction and do not suffer from a dual diagnosis, then you might only need to stay in rehab for a total of 28 days.

    During this time, you will likely undergo detox and therapy.


    However, for those with a more severe alcohol or drug addiction, you might be required to stay in rehab for a little longer.

    Those with a dual diagnosis and a severe addiction might stay in rehab for a total of 90 days.

    Although these are the most common, general periods of time people spend in rehab, each individual case is very different.

    If you suffer from drug addiction, then you should consider attending inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Ayrshire.

    NHS VS Private Addiction Treatment


    Anyone who needs to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Ayrshire will need to decide whether to attend NHS or private rehab treatment.

    Whilst not everyone will qualify for NHS-funded rehab treatment, the cost of attending private rehab treatment means that many simply do not have this choice.

    Private Rehab


    The biggest benefit to attending private rehab treatment is that you will skip all waiting lists.

    When an individual suffers from an addiction, particularly a severe addiction, it is highly important that you act fast.

    You will also receive fast and effective treatment from the very best doctors and professionals in your area.

    Nevertheless, private rehab treatment is expensive, setting most people back thousands of pounds.

    NHS-Funded Rehab


    Whilst private rehab is very expensive, NHS-funded rehab treatment won’t cost you a penny.

    You will also receive treatment from the same doctors and professionals as privately paying patients.

    Your treatment will also be just as confidential and professional.

    However, NHS-funded rehab does involve incredibly long waiting lists.

    You could be waiting weeks -if not months- before you gain a place in a rehab centre.

    You might also end up getting a little less one-to-one treatment than someone else who is paying for private treatment.

    Inpatient Or Outpatient Treatment In Ayrshire


    If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol in Ayrshire, then you should consider attending either inpatient or outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Ayrshire.

    It is highly important that you understand the difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment, as they both differ significantly.

    For example, inpatient rehab treatment involves living in a rehab centre for a number of weeks or even months in order to receive your treatment.

    You will receive around the clock care, particularly throughout your withdrawal and detox periods.

    You will be admitted into inpatient rehab treatment if your addiction is particularly severe, as inpatient rehab treatment is a huge commitment which means that you will have to sacrifice a lot of your time and energy.


    If your addiction is less severe, then you will likely be admitted into outpatient rehab treatment.

    This is where you will stay at home and visit a rehab centre on a daily or weekly basis in order to receive your therapy and treatment.

    Outpatient treatment is a particularly effective treatment option for those with a less severe addiction who still work or look after their children or family.

    Alcohol Detox & Rehab In Ayrshire


    Lots of people across the UK are addicted to alcohol.

    In fact, it is one of the most highly abused substances across Ayrshire and the rest of the UK.

    Anyone who is severely addicted to alcohol will need to attend an alcohol rehab in order to recover.

    Whilst at rehab in Ayrshire, you will first undergo a physical detox before receiving any other treatment such as therapy.

    A physical detox involves completely withdrawing from the drug for a prolonged period of time so that your body no longer craves the substance biologically and chemically.

    Anyone who is severely addicted to alcohol will need to undergo a physical detox.


    Although the withdrawal symptoms are extremely difficult and challenging, they are a necessary part of anyone who wants to leave their alcohol addiction behind.

    It is important to remember that withdrawal symptom are a natural part of anyone’s recovery and detox.

    The most common withdrawal symptoms are:

    It is extremely important that anyone who undergoes a detox does so in a rehab centre so that they can be monitored and cared for by professionals and doctors.

    For example, if your withdrawal symptoms are particularly hard to deal with then you might be offered a range of different medications such as Librium, which helps with anxiety.

    If you are addicted to alcohol, then speak to one of our advisors today about attending alcohol rehab in Ayrshire.

    Rehab For Cocaine In Ayrshire


    Millions of people across the world are addicted to cocaine.

    Cocaine is also abused by thousands across Scotland and Ayrshire.

    Anyone who is addicted to cocaine in Ayrshire will need to receive a lot of therapy in order to recover.

    They will not, however, need to undergo a physical detox in order to recover as cocaine does not create a physical addiction.

    Rehab For Heroin In Ayrshire


    Heroin destroys the lives of millions of people across the world.

    Heroin is also highly addictive, and can be extremely challenging to recover from.

    Heroin is physically addictive, meaning that anyone who is addicted to heroin will need to undergo a physical detox before they receive any therapy.

    Rehab For Cannabis In Ayrshire


    Cannabis is used recreationally throughout the world by millions of people.

    However, cannabis is still illegal in the majority of the world’s countries.

    Cannabis creates a very strong mental addiction, meaning that individuals will need to undergo therapy in order to recover.

    However, individuals will not need to undergo a physical detox in order to recover as cannabis is not physically addictive.

    Types of Therapies on Offer in Ayrshire


    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a very popular therapy technique used in most rehab centres.

    It is used to break down strong emotions into more manageable ones.

    Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

    Dialectical Behavioural Therapy is derived from CBT and shares many similarities.

    The main difference is that DBT is used when individuals are struggling with difficult and intense emotions.


    Brief Interventions

    A brief intervention is used at the start of a rehab treatment plan, most commonly used to assess whether or not someone needs a particular form of treatment.

    Motivational interviewing

    Motivational Interviewing is a way to help people find their own motivations for change.

    Holistic Therapies

    Holistic therapy is a great new way of recovering from rehab.

    It involves taking part in activities such as swimming, painting, meditating and taking part in breathing exercises.


    Group Therapy

    Lots of people find group therapy to be very helpful and productive.

    This is where individuals come together to share their experiences with addiction.

    Individual Therapy

    Lots of people at rehab will receive one-to-one therapy with a doctor and specialist, a format through which they will receive other forms of therapy such as MI and CBT.

    Family Therapy

    If you suffer from triggers and unhealthy behaviours at home, then you should consider attending family therapy.

    During family therapy, individuals are able to sit with their family and a specialist to talk through their issues at home and develop their communication style and build a healthier lifestyle together.


    Co-Dependency Treatment

    Most people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are also suffering from a co-dependency issue.

    At rehab, you will be treated for this just as you would a physical addiction.

    Twelve-Step Facilitation Therapy (TSF)

    TSF is another therapy technique commonly used in Ayrshire rehab centres which aim to help people become more interested in attending self-help groups once their time in rehab is over.

    The Importance Of Dual Diagnosis At Rehab


    Many people in rehab and who suffer from addiction also struggle with a dual diagnosis.

    A dual diagnosis when someone suffers from an addiction whilst also suffering from a mental health issue at the same time.

    The most common mental health issues that people experience alongside an addiction are:

    It is often difficult for people to distinguish between their addiction and their mental health issue, as both tend to make the other worse and more complicated.

    That is why it is extremely important to attend a rehab centre in Ayrshire if you suffer from a dual diagnosis.

    How Attending Rehab In Ayrshire Helps With Relapse Prevention


    Within every centre for drug and alcohol rehab in Ayrshire, you will be given the opportunity to create a relapse prevention plan to help you when you leave rehab.

    A relapse prevention plan is a way of preparing yourself for the outside world where you will be distracted by temptation and triggers.

    A relapse prevention plan will be either written or discussed verbally by you and the doctors and psychologists within the rehab centre.

    It will contain helpful advice on how to stay clear of any triggers, as well as how to manage any cravings.

    Aftercare And Support Services In Ayrshire


    Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous

    Self-help groups can be extremely useful after individuals leave rehab.

    If you are interested in self-help groups, then you should consider Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, both of which use the 12 Steps to Recovery.

    SMART Recovery

    SMART self-help meetings are a great alternative to 12 Step meetings.

    With a greater focus on individual ability and empowering the person themselves, these meetings are available online and in-person to help guide people through their recovery.

    Home Detox

    For those with a less severe addiction, a home detox might be appropriate.

    This is where you will receive treatment over the phone and any necessary medication in the post.


    Al-Anon Family Group Meetings

    Al-Anon meetings are a chance for friends and family members of those suffering from an addiction to talk to other individuals going through the same thing as them and provide mutual support

    Outpatient treatment Via A Local Drug & Alcohol Team In Ayrshire

    Outpatient treatment is also used when an individual needs support and help when they leave inpatient rehab treatment.

    You are able to live at home whilst visiting treatment centres on a frequent basis for your treatment.

    This is a particularly good option for anyone who has maintained a job or has children whilst struggling with their addiction.

    Get Help Today


    At Rehab Recovery, we promise to support all clients and help them in their recovery journey.

    For more information, contact our team today by calling us on 0800 088 66 86.

    When you make the choice to reach out and get help for your addiction, you’re choosing to pursue a happier, healthier and longer life.

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