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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Skipton

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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Skipton

    Are you worried that your drug and alcohol use has gotten out of hand? Have you tried to quit already and had no success?

    Skipton, being in Yorkshire, was impacted by the 800 people who died due to alcohol in 2020. [1] There were also “73 deaths related to drug poisoning in North Yorkshire in 2019”. [2]

    The best way to quit substances is through entering a drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton. This provides you with the safest substance-free environment you can find and there you’ll learn everything you need to stay sober long-term.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    What is Alcohol Addiction?

    Man drinking

    Despite how widely used alcohol is, most people don’t realise just how serious an illness alcohol addiction is. Many think it’s possible to “just stop” drinking.

    While for some people drinking alcohol doesn’t pose a problem, for many there are various neurological, genetic, and mental health factors that mean alcohol becomes a life-destructing substance.

    It’s a substance so strong that it physically changes how your brain functions. It creates new neural pathways and alters brain shape. When this happens, it’s not possible to cut out alcohol without professional treatment.

    In fact, in cases of alcohol dependency, a medical detox under the guidance of clinical staff is essential to ensure withdrawal symptoms are managed. That’s why attending an alcohol rehab in Skipton is really important in the case of severe addiction.

    What Takes Place at Rehab?

    When you go to a private rehab for treatment, you get the best approaches and are in the most appropriate environment to heal. On your first day, you’ll meet with staff and other residents and settle in. You’ll be assessed.

    This is the point where you’re asked questions about your addiction, the substance, how you feel about quitting, a bit about your past, as well as your life now.

    With your answers, the staff will develop a timetable of therapies and support. They’ll be tailored to your specific needs. Private clinics provide an intensive approach.

    Every day you’ll have individual and group therapies and activities that are all focused on giving you the skills to remain sober.

    There is practical support and tips, work to develop self-awareness, education around substances and addiction, social connection, various relaxing activities, and moments of deep emotional realisation and growth.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    The Cost of Residential Treatment in Skipton


    Going to alcohol rehab in Skipton costs money. This is because it takes a lot of resources to provide the care and approaches required to support a person to build all the skills necessary to enable recovery.

    Many people have to learn and practise a whole set of skills that they’ve never been taught or were aware of before.

    For a 28-day stay, it can cost from £4,000 to £40,000 depending on the type of private clinic you go to.

    There are those that offer a home-away-from-home feel and others that offer a high-end luxury retreat type of establishment.

    Funding for a Rehab Placement

    You might have heard of some people in Skipton having their rehab placement funded by the NHS. This is available for a limited amount of people.

    To be eligible for a funded place at a private clinic, the following must apply:

    • You must be from a low-income background
    • You’ll be in regular contact with Skipton drug and alcohol services
    • You’ll be able to demonstrate how committed to recovery you are

    At this point, you, along with a drug and alcohol worker, will complete an application form to Skipton Council for private care. There are quite a lot of people who apply for these grants as you can imagine.

    Competition is high. Even with a huge amount of effort, it can be difficult to get a placement, and if you do, you’ll have to wait to go a while as waiting lists are long.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    The Length of Rehab Treatment

    The majority of rehab residents have been using alcohol and drugs for a long time, in many cases, for the vast majority of their lives. Learning how to create a life without substance and how to practise behaviours that promote sobriety and healing takes time.

    It takes a couple of weeks to get through the worst of the withdrawal. You need a couple more weeks to really practise the new tools you’ve learnt to manage cravings.

    On top of this, it takes around a month to build a new habit. It’s advised that people stay at rehab for about 28 days.

    Some stay a week or two longer if their addiction is particularly severe, or if mental health conditions are present.

    NHS & Private Rehab Treatment Services


    In Skipton, you can opt for NHS or private addiction treatment. There are a few notable differences between the two and it’s useful to be aware of these before you make your decision as to where to go.

    NHS services are run in a central hub. You get a caseworker who has some light input with you when you self-refer. You’ll have a few one-to-ones and then be moved across to group sessions.

    These take place each week and include 12 Step, SMART, and preparation for change groups.

    At a private drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, you get individualised support every day. This might be through a brief intervention or through in-depth psychological therapy.

    As well as this you’ll have group sessions most mornings or afternoons. These might include a 12 Step group and an art therapy session. It’s a real mix of activities that tackles all aspects of your health and addiction.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    Inpatient & Outpatient Recovery Clinics in Skipton

    Alcohol and drug addiction are treated at both inpatient and outpatient (a.k.a. residential) clinics.

    As you might guess, this means you either stay at the clinic overnight for a length of time as an inpatient for treatment (like at a rehab clinic, or, for instance, if you were admitted to a ward in an NHS hospital).

    Outpatient clinics are where you live at home and go to the clinic as and when you have appointments.

    NHS drug and alcohol hubs offer outpatient services and some private clinics offer ongoing outpatient services to some previous residents where this is deemed appropriate.

    Where Else Can You go for Help in Skipton?

    For addiction treatment, a private clinic offers the best professional treatments if you have a serious problem. NHS drug and alcohol services are beneficial for people who want a more casual professional approach to their support.

    There are a few other organisations and services in the Skipton area.

    These include:

    • A home detox is overseen by a doctor. These are useful for people who need to detox but want to do so from the privacy of their own homes. You’ll need to be assessed as being able to responsibly manage a prescription at home. The doctor will stay in regular contact with you to ensure you’re coping and your symptoms are managed.
    • Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. These are 12 Step groups run out in the community throughout the week in various locations, some are online. Here you’ll identify a “higher power” that will help guide your recovery. There’s also an emphasis on developing the community as a source of strength.
    • SMART recovery groups are a useful place to go if you’re not interested in thinking about a higher power and just want practical tips on how to get through each day. You’ll learn how to break down the goal of sobriety into daily steps.

    Alcohol Detox & Rehab in Skipton

    As mentioned earlier, an alcohol detox is really important if you have a severe alcohol addiction or dependency.

    One of the most difficult things for people in your situation is the fact that alcohol is literally everywhere and people when you say you’re quitting, or ask for a soft drink, can be pushy or judgemental. This is on top of all the usual difficulties addiction brings.

    Withdrawal symptoms include:

    • A shake or tremor
    • Profuse sweating
    • Confusion
    • Anxiety and panic
    • Hallucinations
    • Insomnia
    • Seizures

    At an alcohol rehab in Skipton, you’ll have a detox. This includes a prescription for Librium which will last around ten to fourteen days. It gently weans you off alcohol in a tapered way so at the end of the period you’re alcohol and Librium-free.

    The medication prevents the distressing symptoms that often occur in the early stage of withdrawal.

    After detox, you’ll then turn your attention and focus on psychological treatments. These are where you’ll discover some of the most useful tools you’ll ever learn.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    Rehab for Cocaine in Skipton


    A stay at a drug rehab for cocaine and crack use is really helpful because of the complexity that these substances cause. What many people find is how compulsive behaviour becomes.

    There’s literally no stopping the thoughts, urges, and cravings. They feel as if they’re present at every moment. This is because addictive thoughts become automatic.

    Health effects of cocaine and crack cocaine use include:

    • Skin sores and cold sores
    • Erosion of nose cartilage
    • Heart palpitations and heart problems
    • “Crack lung”
    • Severe anxiety and panic
    • Insomnia
    • Loss of appetite and weight
    • Depression
    • Increased risk of illnesses and diseases

    Rehab treatment will consist of altering the automatic thoughts that drive the addictive behaviours. The sessions will be educational, revealing, and challenging.

    It takes effort to learn the things you need to do to literally change your mind, which is, of course, the root of your behaviours.

    Drug Rehab for Heroin in Skipton

    When people become addicted to heroin, it can be notoriously difficult to quit. This is for a number of reasons and can be unique to the individual.

    Heroin is a substance that causes both a psychological addiction and a physical dependency.

    As well as this, those who use heroin tend to have a history of emotional pain that the substance is masking.

    Heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Shaking and sweating
    • Confusion and paranoia
    • Runny nose
    • Deep aching throughout the body
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Diarrhoea
    • Extreme anxiety and low mood

    A heroin detox is the first part of your treatment. It will last around ten to fourteen days.

    A doctor will look after you and manage the withdrawal symptoms by prescribing you Subutex. This is an opioid that eases withdrawal without causing a high.

    Over the course of the detox, this medication is reduced to the point you’re substance-free.

    Rehab treatment will include therapies that support you to identify, understanding, and processing your emotions.

    Holistic therapies also offer alternative ways to process emotions if you’re not much of a talker. Learning how to manage your emotions and triggers is essential to long-term addiction management.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    Rehab for Cannabis in Skipton


    If your drug addiction is to cannabis, you can also go to rehab. Thousands of people use cannabis throughout the UK.

    What many don’t realise is that with the increase in THC strengths over the past ten to twenty years there are increased health risks.

    For some users, this can destroy health, relationships, finances, and personal goals.

    Cannabis use can lead to:

    • Social isolation
    • Low mood and low motivation
    • Anxiety and panic
    • Fluctuations in appetite and weight
    • Sleep disruption
    • Memory loss
    • Schizophrenia and psychosis

    During your rehab stay, you’ll learn how to manage your moods and cravings using the tools gained in cognitive behavioural therapy and in mindfulness practices.

    There are sessions that will help you grow in self-awareness as well as those that help you understand the importance of practical ways to create new healthy lifestyles.

    Addiction Treatment & Therapies at Rehab in Skipton


    One of the main benefits of getting treatment at an alcohol rehab in Skipton is the wide range of provisions there is.

    Your programme will consist of some or perhaps all of the following:

    • Psychotherapy is one of the most essential aspects of treating alcohol and drug addiction. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is where you learn how to alter automatic thoughts and make them healthier so that your behaviour changes. Some people might also have dialectical behavioural therapy which is where you learn how to emotionally regulate.
    • Counselling is an important part of healing as this is where you learn about yourself and why you think and feel the things you do. This is important in helping you to become healthier and grow in self-awareness.
    • Motivational interviewing is the space where you’ll share the worries you have about quitting alcohol or drugs. It’s been with you a long time. Many people are anxious at the thought of quitting and don’t know how they’ll stay focused on sobriety. These sessions help with these sorts of thoughts.
    • 12 Step groups take place every day. While at rehab, you’ll mainly concentrate on the first step of admitting the addiction and what that has meant until now and what it means going forward.
    • SMART recovery groups will help you develop ways to manage yourself in the moment each day. Rather than think of the whole day, just think of the next task on your list. Some days, if you only get one or two tasks done, that’s okay. The goal is to do the things that keep you sober.
    • Holistic activities are where you’ll learn how to unwind and relax while processing emotions through the mind-body connection. Sessions include yoga, mindfulness, meditation, reiki, ear acupuncture, art therapy, and music therapy.

    Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

    There are many people who enter rehab who have both an addiction and a mental health condition. Within treatment settings, this is referred to as a dual diagnosis.

    It just means that at a rehab clinic, you’ll be treated for the addiction but your mental health condition will also be taken into account. There might be some treatments included to focus on the mental health symptoms too.

    It’s useful to know that drugs and alcohol can lead to mental health conditions because of how they impact brain chemistry. Likewise, mental health issues can lead to substance use because many people attempt to self-medicate their symptoms.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.

    Help to Prevent Relapse

    Part of your stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton will focus on how to prevent relapse when you get home. You’ll have a relapse prevention plan to follow that you’ll have created with the input of therapists and other staff.

    It will include:

    • Coping mechanisms you’ve been using to manage triggers and cravings
    • Who to contact when you’re struggling with thoughts or having a bad day
    • Future goals and how to approach them to help you stay focused on recovery
    • What to do in the event of relapse – this guidance is imperative to follow

    Get Help Now

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    If you have an issue with alcohol or drugs, contact the Rehab Recovery team today. We can support you to find the most suitable rehab clinic for your specific needs.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Skipton, call us today on 0800 088 66 86.




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