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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Skegness

Learn about drug and alcohol rehab and detox in Skegness. The rehab clinic offers a robust admissions process, supervised detox, and evidence-based treatments.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Skegness

    Sitting along the Lincolnshire coastline, Skegness attracts many tourists during the summer months with its popular beaches and arcades.

    However, it is also known as being one of the most dangerous places to live in Lincolnshire.

    The rates of alcohol and drug-related crime are high, with 156 crimes per 1,000 people being committed in 2021. [1]

    If you are struggling with addiction, you can increase your chances of recovery by attending drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness.

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    What is alcohol addiction?

    The outside of a bar

    Many people believe that if alcohol were invented today, it would be made illegal due to the highly addictive nature of this substance.

    While alcohol is commonly consumed across Skegness, it has the potential to cause physical and psychological addiction.

    Alcohol addiction involves frequent and strong cravings for alcohol, as well as physical withdrawal symptoms if you are not able to drink as much as usual. [2]

    Risk factors that can increase the chances of developing an alcohol addiction include:

    • A family history of alcohol addiction
    • A co-occurring mental health disorder
    • An environment that encourages and/or normalises alcohol use
    • Experiencing traumatic or highly stressful events
    • Binge drinking on a regular basis
    • A history of low self-esteem and self-worth
    • Experiencing peer pressure to drink alcohol

    Even if you can relate to one or more of the above risk factors, this does not mean that you are destined to develop an alcohol addiction.

    However, it is important to be aware of your behaviour around alcohol and seek help in Skegness if you begin to develop a physical or psychological dependency.

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    What is drug and alcohol rehab?

    Living Room

    The saying goes, ‘It’s difficult to recover in the environment that made you sick.’ This is particularly true when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction, as your current living space likely makes it easy to succumb to temptation and use substances. [3]

    In order to recover, it can be helpful to completely remove yourself from your environment and check into a professional drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness.

    Drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness is a place where you can go to heal from the physical and psychological effects of addiction.

    You will detox from substances, attend counselling sessions, formulate a relapse prevention plan and learn how to access aftercare services.

    Studies show that you are more likely to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction if you complete an addiction treatment programme rather than attempting to detox and heal by yourself.

    There are many drug and alcohol rehabs across Skegness, and we can help you find the clinic that best suits you and your needs.

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    Understanding an addiction intervention

    An elderly man and woman talking on the swings

    If your friends and family decide to confront you about your alcohol or drug addiction, it can be easy to feel angry with them.

    You may not believe that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and feel as though they are overreacting or crossing the line.

    However, an intervention is an extremely difficult and emotional event for your loved ones to go through. They would not choose to put themselves in that situation unless they were truly concerned about your physical and mental wellbeing.

    Try to listen to what they say, and think about your behaviour around drugs and alcohol. Is it possible that there may be some truth in what they’re saying?

    Suppose your substance use is having a negative effect on your life, causing problems with your relationships, costing more money than you can afford or getting you into legal trouble. In that case, you likely have some form of substance use disorder.

    The point of an intervention is to help you recognise that you have a problem and guide you towards seeking treatment in Skegness.

    If you aren’t sure where to start, call our team at Rehab Recovery and let us help you take that first step.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Understanding a dual diagnosis

    two people holding hands

    You may receive a dual diagnosis when you enter rehab in Skegness, meaning that you are living with both a substance use disorder and a mental health condition at the same time.

    It can be challenging to receive a dual diagnosis outside of a rehab facility, as many professionals are not trained to spot the signs.

    This means that the chances of full, long-term recovery without the correct diagnosis are lower as each disorder can interact with the other and cause a relapse. [4]

    These mental health conditions include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and many others.

    The best way forward is to treat both conditions simultaneously. Staff at our drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness are trained to identify and treat patients with a dual diagnosis using a combination of scientifically-backed methods.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    How long does drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness last?

    Two people sitting on a couch talking

    It’s important to dedicate the correct amount of time to treating your addiction; this will look different for everyone.

    Many people find a 30-day treatment programme in Skegness to be the ideal length, as this allows you time to detox , attend counselling sessions, and develop a relapse prevention plan.

    Others may require a 60 or 90-day programme, and this can be beneficial for those with a more severe addiction or who do not have an appropriate and healthy living environment to return to.

    Some people attend rehab to detox rather than undergoing a full treatment programme. A drug and alcohol detox can be completed in as little as 710 days, although you will not receive counselling as part of this package.

    Everyone is different, and depending on your circumstances, you may require a longer or shorter programme length than others.

    Our main advice is to complete your entire programme, no matter how difficult this may be. If you leave early, you will not receive all the benefits that come with each part of the process and may be more likely to relapse in the future.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    How much does drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness cost?


    If you’re going to invest in anything, the most sensible idea is to invest in your health and treat your addiction professionally.

    Most drug and alcohol rehabs in Skegness charge roughly £500 per day, with a 30-day programme costing around £15,000.

    This may depend more or less on the treatment centre you choose, and you can potentially lower the price by choosing a rehab clinic with fewer facilities.

    Yes, addiction treatment can be expensive.

    However, there are many ways to balance the cost – some people choose to fundraise and accept donations, others receive financial support from family and friends, and many are covered by their health and employee insurance.

    It’s also worth checking with your preferred rehab clinic in Skegness to see whether they will be able to create a long-term payment plan for you.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Can I get drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness on the NHS?

    Woman looking puzzled at her laptop

    We understand that drug rehab is a large investment and not something everyone can afford – particularly if you are deep in the spiral of addiction, which can result in many financial problems.

    In this case, you may be eligible for NHS-funded rehab.

    Free, high-quality drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness may sound like a myth, but it is something that is available to a small number of people.

    It can be difficult to meet the requirements for NHS rehab, as you will need to prove that you have no other options available to you.

    You will likely need to complete a home detox and attend NHS counselling before applying for rehab, as this will prove that you are serious about your recovery.

    We recommend speaking to your doctor about the possibility of accessing NHS-funded rehab, as they will be able to put you in touch with a local drug and alcohol support team.]

    Alternatively, give our team at Rehab Recovery a call on 0800 088 66 86, and we will be able to advise you further.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Which is better – NHS rehab or private rehab in Skegness?

    In person therapy session

    Despite popular belief, there are very few rehab clinics in Skegness that cater exclusively to NHS-funded patients.

    Instead, private clinics will have a certain number of spaces funded by the NHS. This means that anyone who receives access to free addiction treatment will likely benefit from the same facilities as those that are paying privately.

    The only difference is that NHS-funded patients may need to wait longer for treatment, as it can take weeks or months for a space to become available.

    Private rehab treatment is often more flexible than NHS-funded, and you will be able to extend or change your treatment programme on a whim.

    However, both forms of addiction treatment deliver high-quality programmes that include detox, counselling and relapse prevention.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Which is better – inpatient rehab or outpatient rehab in Skegness?

    Man making coffee in kitchen

    When choosing between inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab in Skegness, neither option is objectively better than the other.

    Your choice will depend on whether your addiction is mild, moderate or severe, as well as a number of other factors, including your personal circumstances and your likelihood of relapse.

    If you are an inpatient, you will live at the rehab clinic in Skegness while you undergo treatment. As an outpatient, you will continue to live at home while attending your treatment programme.

    This means that inpatients are less likely to relapse during treatment, as they will not have access to drugs or alcohol. They will also receive round-the-clock medical care and will be monitored as they go through the detox process.

    Outpatients are more vulnerable to relapse, which is why this treatment option is better suited to those with a more mild addiction.

    It is often more affordable than inpatient rehab in Skegness and helps people with jobs and families to attend rehab despite their responsibilities.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Alcohol detox and rehab in Skegness

    Hand holding pill and cup of tea

    Completing alcohol detox and rehab in Skegness is not easy, but the rewards that you will reap afterwards will make this often difficult process worth it.

    After you have been assessed, you will begin the detox process. During the next 710 days, medical staff will assist you in slowly tapering off your alcohol consumption with the assistance of medications such as Librium if needed.

    You are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sweating and tremors during this time, but these should peak within 72 hours.

    Then you will begin counselling, which usually lasts for a minimum of three weeks and aims to change your behaviours and mindset around alcohol.

    You may be asked to talk about your past experiences and the ways that you handle stress, but keep in mind that the difficult emotions you may be experiencing are all helping you to grow and recover.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Cocaine detox and rehab in Skegness

    CBT Therapy Session

    Cocaine may have a reputation for being fun, but the reality of cocaine addiction is anything but.

    You can detox and recover from a cocaine addiction at our drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness, starting with a full assessment of your physical and mental health as well as any co-occurring disorders.

    Counselling is the main aspect of cocaine rehab in Skegness, as this substance primarily affects the brain.

    You will learn positive behaviour and mindset changes while sharing your thoughts and emotions, and over time your neural pathways should revert back to normal. [5]

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Heroin detox and rehab in Skegness

    doctor and patient

    If you live in Skegness and have developed a heroin addiction, there is a way forward.

    We can help you recover from heroin addiction at our drug and alcohol rehab here in Skegness, where you will have access to professional detox services and counselling and aftercare.

    Much like alcohol, you will need to physically detox from this substance before beginning counselling. This can be an extremely unpleasant process, and you will likely experience a range of mild to severe withdrawal symptoms.

    However, it will pass within a few days, leaving you feeling clearer and ready to face therapy , where you will learn how to tackle cravings and temptations while successfully managing your triggers.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Cannabis detox and rehab in Skegness

    two women talking on a sofa together

    As cannabis becomes more commonly used across Skegness, it is becoming more difficult to avoid the addictive nature of this substance.

    Many people do not believe that cannabis addiction exists, but this drug can be extremely habitual and psychologically addictive.

    Most people do not require a cannabis detox and can start immediately on counselling and therapy in Skegness, learning healthy behaviours and ways to respond to stressful situations.

    There is no shame in suffering from a cannabis addiction, and attending drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness can help you to recover.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Common types of therapy available at drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness

    Family counselling session

    Addiction therapy isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all-treatment – different techniques will work better for different people , and as a result, there is a wide range of therapy treatments available at drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness.

    These may include:

    Your therapy may be patient-led, where you discuss any thoughts and emotions that arise, or therapist-led, with your counsellor developing a strategy for your sessions with a clear end result.

    In most cases, you will be able to choose the type of therapy that best suits you.

    Some people benefit more from reward-focused therapy in Skegness, such as motivational enhancement therapy, while others are helped by changing their thoughts and behaviours with CBT or DBT treatment.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Relapse prevention at drug and alcohol rehab in Skegness

    two people holding hands

    There are many ways to reduce the risk of relapse after treatment in Skegness, and one of these is to develop an effective and well-thought-out relapse prevention plan before you leave rehab.

    You will have help from your counsellor and medical team to create your plan, which is essentially a folder filled with useful documents and worksheets as well as techniques and behaviours that you will learn during counselling.

    Your relapse prevention plan will differ from others depending on your personal circumstances. For example, if your living environment can trigger you to use substances, part of your plan will be to work out how to remove yourself from that situation.

    Others may be role-playing specific situations, learning healthy ways to cope with stress and understanding why you have chosen to use substances in the past.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.

    Which aftercare and support services are available in Skegness?

    Group of people in a circle with their hands in the middle touching

    Once you leave rehab, it is crucial that you look into the aftercare and support services available in Skegness to help you successfully continue your recovery.

    You may wish to join a local support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous. These meetings are free to join and accessible to nearly everyone, with an online branch available to those unable to attend in person.

    Alternatively, you can look into arranging ongoing counselling, either privately or through the NHS. This is a great way to continue the work you have been doing in rehab and keep making progress.

    Some people choose to complete a SMART Recovery programme, which is a form of addiction treatment that is self-empowering and focused on CBT techniques.

    If you’re having trouble staying sober, a home detox may refresh your recovery journey and help you get back on track, while Al-Anon meetings can be a helpful way for your friends and family to learn how to support you better.

    Please call our 24-Hour Helpline:0800 140 4690.







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