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Paul Danan and the Dangers of Drug Addiction

Posted on September 6, 2017

Paul Danan and the Dangers of Drug Addiction

Paul Danan is perhaps most known for playing Sol Patrick in Hollyoaks between 1997 and 2001. Paul also took part in Celebrity Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother.

Paul is now arguably the type of celebrity that’s ‘famous for being famous’, and like many people in this category, Paul has run into troubles with drug addiction.

Recently, Paul opened up about an incident when his mother discovered him ‘choking on his last breath’. Paul likened the experience to the infamous overdose scene in Pulp Fiction when Mia Wallace was injected with adrenaline.

Paul said to Rehab Recovery: “And what happens to her? She’s pretty much dead and needs the reversal, she needed the injection in her heart, that’s what I needed to bring me back.

“They call it ‘going over’, and that happened to me”.

“My mum found me in my bed and I was making these weird noises and choking on my last breath.

“The ambulance was down the road thankfully, but by the time they arrived I was dead and they brought me back to life. It was awful.

“It was so dangerous as I didn’t even know how to take it, so I snorted it. I wasn’t a heroin addict. I took it once and have never touched it since.”

Paul says he has never used heroin again since this nightmare episode. However, Paul says he is recovering from an addiction to various ‘party drugs’, and he admits he’s been to rehab ‘many times’ in the past.

Paul was ‘in and out of rehab’ between 2006 and 2007. During this period, Paul fought an addiction to cocaine and other ‘social drugs’. During this period, Paul eventually managed to defeat his addiction.

However, it 2010, Paul was involved in a motorcycle accident. Paul suffered a broken shoulder, and he was prescribed codeine for pain relief. Paul eventually developed an addiction to codeine.

Paul said: “I kept taking the painkillers to numb the pain, and because I have a tendency for addiction I got used to them – and once you get used to opiates you get used to that pill, so you need more to take the pain away.”

“If you try to come off them the withdrawal makes you ill, really, really sick and it’s so hard to stop that. You have to do a detox and it took me many years to come off, I think I finally did in 2012.

“Painkillers, prescribed medication from the doctor, can be a killer, it’s dangerous, and it can become a real dependency.”

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