Teenage Addiction

It is sometimes all too easy for parents and other family members to write off teenage problems as “a fad” or something that the teen will “grow out of” since they are “just going through a phase” but in fact teenage addiction is all too real and requires specialist input in order to successfully intervene and treat the teen addict.

Nobody is really sure what causes a teenager to go from experimenting with alcohol or drugs to becoming an addict. The insecurities many teenagers feel in today’s high pressure and often highly image-conscious society can cause many to sink into substance abuse or self-destructive behaviours, either out of a wish to rebel against the perceived status quo or just to try to cope with their own negative feelings.

Here at Rehab Recovery, we understand just how sensitive and difficult it can be for everyone involved in a teenage addiction, from the teens themselves to their families, teachers and concerned friends. That’s why we offer a specialist service designed especially for teenage addicts which will help families and friends encourage their teenagers to recognise their problems and get the best possible help so they can become healthy and happy again.

Our specialist teen addiction help includes

  • Totally free and confidential advice on how best to start the intervention process with an addicted teenager
  • Coping strategies and tactics for families and friends to help everyone contribute positively to the sometimes long and painful recovery process
  • Referrals to professional services that specialise in the treatment of teenage addicts, from counsellors and therapists to rehabilitation centres and other forms of addiction treatment
  • Help for parents in finding family counselling and other exercises that can help foster communication and remove any underlying problems which may contribute to the teen’s problems
  • A comprehensive aftercare service to help teenagers stay healthy and happy once they are able to move safely on with their lives

For more information on what we can offer to help you through the anguish of an addicted teenager, give us a call today in complete confidence and we’ll help you start putting your family back together.

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