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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Streatham

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Streatham

    Are you fed up with using alcohol or drugs every day? Perhaps it’s not every day, but regularly enough that when you aren’t using, you’re still thinking of the substance. For many, using alcohol and drugs slips into habitual behaviour surreptitiously.

    It’s not until some time has passed and people have tried to talk to you about your “problem” that you might start facing the difficult reality that you have developed a problem.

    This is often a hard pill to swallow. Nobody starts life expecting things to take this route, yet for thousands it’s unavoidable.

    There are around 280,000 Londoners who are dependent on alcohol.[1] “In 2021/22 there were 45,730 drug offences” reported in the capital.[2]

    Streatham is included in these numbers. People are facing the harsh consequences of how toxic substances impact minds, bodies, and relationships.

    There is hope, however, and the best place to find this and find a place of healing is at a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham. There your drug or alcohol addiction will be addressed in the most compassionate of manners.

    What You Need to Know About Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Streatham


    Regarding the treatment of addiction issues, residential rehab offers the most specialist approach.

    Going to rehab can be unsettling and even distressing. The coping mechanism you’ve relied on for years is being faced honestly with the attempt to remove it. Understandably, you’ll need to learn new coping mechanisms, new behaviours, and new ways of thinking about life.

    For many people as well as facing the removal of the substance, it’s – understandably – difficult to know how to re-invent. This is why treatment in the right environment is so important.

    It’s helpful to understand and mentally prepare because your stay will include effort and focus from you. There will be difficult moments and exhilarating ones and in the process, your psychological addiction will begin to fragment as you learn new ways of managing it.

    Treatment for Addiction in Streatham

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    If you have a drug or alcohol abuse issue then there are a few options for you in Streatham. Knowing what these are will help you access the one that suits you most.

    There are NHS treatment centres in the local area. The support you get at these is free. While this is good there are downsides. Services are stretched and the one-to-one sessions that are on offer are limited. As well as this there are weekly group sessions.

    Local NHS drug and alcohol services are available for anyone to go to. Some are actively trying to quit as well as people who are nowhere near quitting but who need support and harm reduction advice.

    Alternatively, you can go to a rehab centre. These are quite different. A private drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham offers individualised treatment approaches. Everyone who enters is ready to begin recovery and wants to do what they have to, to quit. Below, we’ll look at more of the benefits.

    Where Else Can You Go For Support?

    Addiction counselling

    In Streatham, as well as addiction treatment services you can access 12-Step programmes. These are peer-led environments where you meet other people at various stages of addiction and recovery. They’re held at various centres in the community.

    In the local area you can find:

    12 Step groups are shown the world over to be very helpful in helping people remain sober in a long-lasting way.

    How Will a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Streatham Help Me Recover?

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    There are lots of benefits you gain by attending inpatient rehab.  On your first day, you’ll talk with an addiction specialist who will lead you through the admissions process.

    This is quite important; it involves taking part in an assessment. You’ll discuss your addiction severity and habits, your history, health, current home environment, and, of course, your addiction recovery goals.

    From what’s discussed in your assessment, the rehab staff will create an individualised addiction treatment programme. This will include various therapies and treatments.

    At rehab, there is a dedicated team who have a huge amount of experience in treating people in your situation. Access to the clinic’s aftercare services is also encouraged as this is known to keep up the success rates of people on their journey to recovery.

    Medical Detox at a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Streatham

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    One of the really important features of rehab clinics is the provision of medically-assisted detoxes. This is essential for people who have developed a dependency on alcohol, heroin, or benzodiazepines.

    Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are especially dangerous at their worst. People get “the shakes”, profuse sweating, anxiety and low moods, insomnia, sickness and diarrhoea, and seizures.

    Because of these symptoms, an alcohol detox is required. You’ll be overseen by a doctor who will prescribe Librium so that your symptoms are kept to a minimum. At the end of the ten-day detox, you’ll be free from both the medication and alcohol.

    A heroin detox is much the same as an alcohol detox except the medication used to support you off the substance is Subutex.

    This medication is an opioid which is provided in a tapered-off fashion so that the amount you take gets smaller over the course of the detox until there is none left in your body. Subutex is a manmade opioid that doesn’t produce a high.

    Therapies and Holistic Treatments at a Private Clinic

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    As part of a residential programme, all aspects of addiction are tackled. This is important in providing the most solid basis to recover from.

    Some treatments support you to reframe thoughts, those help you to manage emotions, others help you change how you feel about the substance, and those help you to ground into yourself and life in a new way:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy is a psychological therapy that is well-known for effectively treating alcohol and drug addiction. It’s where you’ll learn about how much your automatic mind directs your behaviour and how to tackle this.
    • Dialectical behavioural therapy is especially useful for people who have emotional processing difficulties. Many people who have addictions use substances to try and quell what they’re feeling and sensations in their bodies. It’s important you learn how to experience emotions healthily and learn how to manage your reactions going forward.
    • Motivational interviewing is where you’ll say all the things you probably feel you aren’t allowed to. You’ll be encouraged to talk about what you like about the substance you use. Many people feel a type of grief at letting go of the substance that they’ve been in a deep relationship with for a long time. You can discuss that here. This therapy is where you’ll also discover what it is that makes you want to quit.
    • Intensive group therapy takes place every day in the form of both 12 Step and SMART recovery sessions. Connection to others is one of the most important pillars of recovery. In this space, you’ll share, respect, challenge and learn. This is where you’ll find a space of self-compassion and start true growth.
    • Brief interventions are quite often provided by staff in a relaxed way. You’ll get addiction education in these short approaches that will make powerful points that help keep you focused.
    • One of the most enjoyed areas of drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham is the holistic therapies that you’ll take part in. These bring you a new way of experiencing the body and both your internal world and the external one. You’ll learn stress management and grounding techniques in mindfulness. You’ll try art therapy, music therapy, yoga, tai chi, equine therapy, ear acupuncture, and Reiki.

    Addiction and Mental Health; Treatment at a Rehab

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    There’s a high association between people having addictions and mental health conditions. When people use substances regularly, it puts psychological health and emotional regulation under serious strain and this can lead to mental health conditions developing.

    Those who have to manage mental illnesses every day sometimes turn to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to ease the symptoms. When this happens frequently, substance misuse issues can develop.

    At rehab, mental health treatment is provided where necessary. It supports the healing of addiction too and this is key to your recovery process.

    Aftercare Plans as Part of a Residential Recovery Programme

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    At a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham, you’re entitled to a 1-year free aftercare plan. Part of this includes a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan. This makes a lot of difference in helping you to remain focused on sobriety once you return home.

    Your plan might include relapse prevention sessions, online counselling, alumni group meetings, as well as steps on how to create the new abstinent life you envisage, places that provide advice for people in recovery, and whom to contact if you’re struggling to manage a triggering event.

    A successful recovery takes commitment and the desire to actively use your aftercare support.

    The Length of Your Stay

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    It’s important to acknowledge that all types of substance abuse tend to be difficult to heal from. It’s an ongoing process and many rehab residents have been using alcohol and drugs for many years.

    It’s therefore important that you think realistically about how long it’s going to take you to create new healthy habits and heal. 28 days is usually recommended.

    This happens to also be the amount of time it takes to form a new habit. Staying for a month also gives you the time to repeat coping techniques and fully ease into sobriety comfortably.

    Of course, individual circumstances will be different between residents. Some might stay longer. This is more likely where there are comorbid mental health conditions.

    How Much Will it Cost You to go to Rehab?

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    A residential treatment programme at a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham costs money. This covers a wide range of psychological treatments, detox medication, staff time, resources, food, and accommodation.

    Throughout the UK, clinics charge different amounts. This comes down to in-house options as well as whether you share a room, and also the level of luxury of the establishment.

    For a stay at rehab in Streatham it can cost anywhere from between £1,000 and £10,000 a week. The Rehab Recovery team are available to discuss what options are available according to your budget.

    How to Support a Loved One Who Has a Substance Misuse Problem

    Two men, one with his hand on the other's shoulder

    It’s so tricky loving someone who has a problem with drugs and alcohol. Addiction is an illness that affects all the family and close friends around the person.

    There will be times you get things wrong and others when you do things well. Don’t beat yourself up for not knowing how to handle it. Every family goes through it.

    One of the most helpful interventions you can adopt is the CRAFT intervention. This offers a set of guidelines to follow that help you to understand how to set boundaries, look after yourself, as well as develop a healthy relationship with your loved one even in the depths of addiction.

    Another tip is to learn about the substance your loved one uses. Doing so helps you be aware of symptoms if they’re under the influence, how to manage this, and what to do should an overdose occur.

    It’s also helpful to learn about local treatment options as this knowledge can be really useful at an unexpected moment when recovery might be brought up.

    Is it Possible For Me to Get a Place at Rehab Now?


    It is possible to enter a drug and alcohol rehab in Streatham or the area nearby. Our friendly team will explain that there are sometimes great benefits to going to a clinic further from home.

    Call us and we’ll explain what the best treatment option is for you. We’ll also outline the admission procedure and can answer any questions you have about the recovery process.

    If you want to find out more about going to rehab and beginning your recovery most easily, then contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.





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