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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hornchurch

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hornchurch

    Unfortunately, thousands of people across Havering and Hornchurch struggle with addiction issues. This includes addictions to illegal drugs, which are particularly high in Havering compared to national statistics and averages. There are an estimated 12,060 drug abusers in Havering [1].

    There is also a high number of crack cocaine users in Havering compared to other areas of London and the rest of the UK.

    • There are approximately 6 heroin or crack cocaine users for every 1000 people aged between 15 and 64 living in Havering and Hornchurch. Whilst this is less than the average for London, this is still relatively high [1]. This equates to an estimated 888 heroin and cracks cocaine users currently living in Havering and Hornchurch [1].

    Whilst the statistics for heroin and crack cocaine abuse in Havering and Hornchurch are high, the number of people abusing cannabis in Havering and Hornchurch is also high [1].

    Cannabis is the main drug used by teenagers living in Havering and Hornchurch.

    • A significant number of 15-year-olds living in Hornchurch and Havering admitted to having tried cannabis at least once over the last 30 days [1].

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    There has also been an increase in individuals abusing prescription drugs across Hornchurch and Havering. There has been a significant increase in individuals abusing steroids in this area of the UK [1].

    The same study found that drug and alcohol abuse in Hornchurch and Havering, such as in the rest of the UK, was most common when individuals had family members who also suffered from substance abuse issues [1].

    In addition to this, if you come from a single-parent household then you are also more likely to engage in risky behaviour, which includes things such as unprotected sex, smoking, drug abuse and excessive alcohol abuse [1].

    • When it comes to Havering and Hornchurch, a study carried out in 2011 found that there were just over 7,000 single-parent households that had children aged under 16 who were at risk of engaging in this kind of risky and unsociable behaviour [1].
    • When it comes to Havering and Hornchurch, there were 4,000 crimes reported in one year, for which nearly 500 were linked to drug abuse.
    • Of these 500 individuals, 220 tested positive for a class A drug or substance. This is almost half of all offenders who were arrested [1].

    What is Alcohol Addiction?

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    Alcohol is also commonly referred to as alcohol dependence or alcoholism. People can suffer from mild, moderate or severe alcohol addictions, which have a range of consequences on the individual’s life and the lives of those around them, too.

    When someone suffers from alcohol addiction, it means that they have been frequently drinking above the recommended levels of use, so much so that they become dependent on the substance.

    You are addicted to a substance when you struggle to stop consuming said substance, even when you are well aware of the damage it is doing to you and your loved ones.

    When someone is dependent on an addictive substance their body is unable to function without frequently consuming the addictive substance. It will also become the most important thing in their life, and for this reason, individuals who are addicted to certain substances become very selfish.

    In addition to this, individuals who suffer from alcohol addiction also find that their tolerance for the addictive substance increases. This means that people have to consume more of the addictive substance to get the same effect that they once used to from consuming a smaller amount.

    They will start to prioritise alcohol above anything else. This means that they will stop caring about how their behaviour affects other people and will struggle to keep up with any commitments they might have.

    When someone is addicted to alcohol, they will also experience a range of unpleasant and nasty withdrawal symptoms when they stop consuming the substance. This includes excessive sweating, shaking, being sick, stomach issues, nightmares, depression and anxiety [2,3].

    What is Drug and Alcohol rehab?

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    Drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch is an extremely popular way of recovering from an addiction issue. Whilst lots of people have heard of drug and alcohol rehab, not everyone will truly understand what takes place at a rehab centre and what a stint in rehab is truly like.

    Lots of people who suffer from an addiction issue are intimidated or frightened about the idea of attending drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch. However, they needn’t be.

    Rehab is short for rehabilitation and is a place all manner of people go to recover from an illness. This could be any type of illness, including an addiction issue.

    During your time in drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch, you will undergo a detox and receive a range of therapy techniques. This will include a long list of therapy techniques, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), one-to-one therapy, group therapy, family therapy and motivational interviewing. You might not have heard of these therapy techniques before, but they will most probably turn out to be the most rewarding part of your addiction therapy.

    There are two different types of drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch, which you will probably have already heard of. The two main types of rehab treatment are inpatient rehab treatment and outpatient rehab treatment.

    If you are selected for the inpatient rehab treatment, you will have to move into a rehab centre for several weeks or even sometimes months. If you are selected for the outpatient rehab treatment, you get to remain living in the comfort of your own home but will have to visit a local rehab centre frequently for several months.

    In the UK, you can opt for NHS-funded rehab treatment and private rehab treatment. NHS-funded rehab treatment allows you to undergo rehab for free but does involve long waiting lists. Private rehab treatment is quick but very expensive.

    If you think that you or someone you know needs to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch, then speak to our team at Rehab Recovery for help and support.

    What is the Cost of Attending Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hornchurch?


    As discussed above, the cost of attending private drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch can be expensive. Unfortunately, this means that many people who desperately need the help offered by a rehab facility are unable to pay for it.

    That is why the NHS offers free rehab treatment to all of those who qualify. Whilst this is fantastic, the NHS suffers from a lack of funding which means that waiting lists are long.

    That is why a lot of people who suffer from a severe addiction have to consider attending private drug and alcohol rehab, which could end up costing you thousands of pounds.

    The cost of your stint in rehab depends on several different things, including how long you have to stay in rehab to recover. The longer you stay, the more expensive it is.

    Most people stay in rehab for approximately 28 days, which could cost you anything between £2,000 and £6,000. If you have to stay in rehab for longer than 28 days, then you could end up paying up to £12,000, although this is usually only if your addiction is severe.

    If you want to attend drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch but are worried about not being able to afford to attend, speak to our team for advice and support.

    Why is an Intervention Needed?

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    An intervention is a planned meeting between you and an individual you know and loves who is suffering from an addiction issue. Some people opt for an intervention when they are worried that their loved one is letting their addiction ruin their life.

    An intervention is sometimes needed when an individual cannot see or admit that their addiction is causing themselves and those around them significant harm and damage. Sometimes, it takes a very open and frank discussion to help an individual see the truth and the best way forward.

    During the intervention, you can discuss your thoughts and concerns and can suggest and recommend treatment options for them. You are also able to ask an intervention specialist to attend the intervention with you, to help to guide you on what to say and how to say it.

    An intervention is not an opportunity to shout, judge or make the individual feel bad or guilty. You should try to remain calm during the intervention, and explain clearly why you are concerned about them.

    Why Should I Choose Inpatient Rather Than Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hornchurch?

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    As discussed above, there are two main types of rehab treatment programmes across Hornchurch and the rest of the UK. These two types of treatment programmes are inpatient and outpatient rehab programmes.

    Inpatient rehab treatment is a great option if you suffer from a severe addiction. You will live within the rehab facility for several weeks or even sometimes months. You won’t leave until you have completed your treatment and are no longer physically dependent on the addictive substance.

    Outpatient rehab treatment allows you to stay living at home for the course of your treatment. You get to eat and sleep at home, and only have to visit rehab centres on a daily or weekly basis to get your treatment. This is the better option if your addiction is mild but ongoing.

    Will I Get Aftercare Support?

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    Everyone who attends drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch will receive a range of aftercare and support from their doctors and therapists. This will include follow-up appointments and support groups.

    There is a range of support groups in the Hornchurch area, including Alcoholics Anonymous, SMART Meetings and Narcotics Anonymous. These support groups are great options for anyone who needs a little more support after they leave rehab.

    They will be offered support from other individuals in recovery and will get the chance to share their struggles and worries. You will also get the chance to create your relapse prevention plan whilst still at rehab, which will arm you with tips and tricks on how to stay sober.

    How Do I Find a Rehab Centre in Hornchurch?

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    If you want to find a rehab centre in Hornchurch, then start by getting in touch with a member of the team at Rehab Recovery. We will provide you with all of the information necessary to make the right decision, and will help you through the admissions process.

    Call us on 0800 088 66 86 and ask to speak to our team about drug and alcohol rehab in Hornchurch.





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