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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Saudi Arabia

Learn about drug and alcohol rehab and detox in Saudi Arabia. Rehab clinics offer robust admissions processes, supervised detoxes and evidence-based treatments.

    Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Saudi Arabia

    Due to its thriving economy, there are a large number of European ex-pats living and working in Saudi Arabia.

    Despite the many opportunities in this wealthy country, there are a number of large cultural differences that can take some adjustment.

    This is particularly evident when it comes to the country’s attitude towards people who are in drug or alcohol addiction.

    Saudi Arabia has an extremely punitive stance on drug and alcohol use, with severe punishments being handed out for mere possession of drugs or alcohol.

    Unfortunately, this can lead to people in the country giving up on finding drug & alcohol rehab in Saudi Arabia. However, there is still the possibility of getting help back in the UK, and we are here to make that as easy as possible.

    Here at Rehab Recovery, we offer referrals to private rehab clinics all over the UK, providing both inpatient and outpatient services, ensuring that you are referred to a clinic that is appropriate for your specific needs.

    You can read more about the disease of addiction here.

    We also act as a free resource for advice on everything related to addiction, rehabilitation, and recovery. We know that substance addiction can be a very lonely place, but with the right addiction treatment service, recovery is entirely possible.

    Get the help you need to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction in Saudi Arabia by calling our team today on 44 330 333 6197

    The addiction treatment admissions process in Saudi Arabia

    mother on the phone in the garden with toddler next to her

    Addiction is not considered a ‘choice’ or ‘moral failing’ on behalf of the addiction sufferer – rehab is about treating the disease of addiction.

    The main reason that we exist as an organisation is to make the transition from active addiction into rehab and recovery as straightforward as possible.

    The first step that a person needs to take before reaching out to us is accepting and acknowledging that they have a substance abuse problem and committing to change their lives for the better.

    For a lot of people, this can be the hardest step to take, but it is necessary if there is to be any progress.

    The next thing you should do is call us on 0800 088 66 86 (UK) or +44 330 333 6197 (international). You will reach one of our highly trained and discreet team members, who can deal with any concerns or answer any questions that you might have.

    Once you are satisfied and feel ready to proceed, they will be able to begin your personal telephone consultation with a view to making a recommendation on a clinic for your treatment.

    We have a vast database of UK drug and alcohol rehab centres that we work with on a regular basis. Based on the information with which you provide us, we can refer you to a clinic that will suit your various needs.

    This will involve us asking some questions about your lifestyle in Saudi Arabia and your experience with substance abuse, among other things.

    All of our calls are handled in strict confidence, so you do not have to worry about this information reaching anybody else.

    If you are happy to take our recommendation, we can help you start treatment at your earliest convenience in an addiction clinic. Once you arrive, you will be assessed by the staff on site.


    One of the reasons for this is to ensure that you are not a risk to yourself or to anyone else. The other is to ensure that you get the right kind of treatment, both in detox and in therapy.

    The information that you provide the staff with will influence the rest of your treatment at a rehab centre, so it is important that you are honest with them during your consultations and assessments.

    Rehab is a judgement-free environment and a safe space for anyone struggling with addiction.

    You will not get in any kind of trouble, legal or otherwise, for sharing details of your substance abuse.

    They just want to ensure that they get your care and treatment plan right.

    Start the rehab admissions process for addiction treatment in Saudi Arabia today by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Physical addiction vs psychological addiction in Saudi Arabia

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    When people discuss addiction to drugs and alcohol, they will often compare one drug and another.

    They might argue that one drug is relatively harmless or that one drug causes a ‘physical addiction’ while another can only cause a ‘psychological addiction’.

    This is one of the potentially harmful myths that is circulated about drug and alcohol addiction.

    The truth is that substance addiction is a condition that almost always has physical AND psychological elements to it. For example, a person might have an intense physical craving for diazepam, along with associated physical withdrawal symptoms.

    At the same time, they may also feel that they cannot function socially with others without using diazepam. This would indicate that their addiction is both physical and psychological.

    Make sure that you get the right help to beat your addiction in Saudi Arabia by calling our team today on 44 330 333 6197

    Rehab for alcohol addiction in Saudi Arabia

    woman covering her face with her hand

    We have helped thousands of people to achieve long-term recovery since we formed in 2012. But, as you might imagine, the majority of people who we have referred to rehab have been problem drinkers.

    In the western world, alcohol use is so commonplace that millions of people around Europe and North America end up in treatment for addiction each year.

    We understand that Saudi Arabia has an entirely different culture, particularly where alcohol and drugs are concerned. The kingdom has a zero-tolerance approach to both, with severe punishments in place for those who use drugs or alcohol.

    However, this does not mean that Saudi Arabian people do not experience substance addiction problems.

    If your drinking has had a negative impact on your life, we can make it easy for you to get help at a quality private alcohol rehab centre here in the UK.

    Find the help you need to beat alcohol addiction in Saudi Arabia through a drug and alcohol rehab by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Alcohol detox in Saudi Arabia

    Hand holding pill and cup of tea

    Getting treatment for alcoholism at a rehab centre means that you can go through every aspect of your treatment within the same facility, including detox.

    It is important to have medical supervision as you go through alcohol detox, especially if you have been a heavy drinker.

    Alcohol withdrawalsymptoms present a high risk of seizures and other serious physical symptoms, so it is never a good idea to go it alone or go ‘cold turkey’.

    Alcohol detox at rehab usually involves the use of a prescription drug known as Librium. This is a sedative which can help with the physical symptoms of withdrawal, decreasing anxiety and lessening the chances of seizures or delirium tremens.

    Detox is the first recovery stage and usually lasts about seven to ten days. You can then go through therapy and other treatments to address the underlying causes of your problem drinking.

    We go into more detail about these treatments below.

    Make sure that your alcohol detox in Saudi Arabia is safe and effective by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Detox for other drugs in Saudi Arabia


    Cocaine rehab in Saudi Arabia

    Cocaine is a so-called ‘party drug’ which is commonly used in certain social circles.

    While most people would say they use the drug only recreationally, cocaine can quickly become a problem for many users, often leading to full-blown addiction.

    Cocaine is one of the most expensive drugs and one of the most addictive. Cocaine addiction and crack cocaine can quickly drive a person to social and financial ruin.

    Cocaine addiction is best treated at rehab, where you can recover in a safe, secure environment, in the company of clinical professionals and other people going through a similar recovery journey.

    Through a combination of therapies and treatments, you will come to have a much better understanding of your addiction and, crucially, how to keep it at bay in the future.

    Withdrawing from cocaine doesn’t require a cocaine detox, at least not in the traditional use of the word. It will not require the use of special medication to withdraw from cocaine safely.

    However, cocaine withdrawal does present the risk of a range of unpleasant psychological symptoms, such as paranoia, anxiety, intense cravings, and agitation.

    These symptoms can be managed by the team of clinical staff on-site to ensure that your well-being is as good as it can be while you’re in rehab.

    Your time at rehab will involve going through a number of different treatments and therapies, with the ultimate goal of long-term recovery.

    Towards the end, it will also involve the creation of a relapse prevention plan in order to ensure that you are prepared to take proactive steps towards recovery once you leave the facility.

    Get the support you need to beat cocaine addiction in Saudi Arabia by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Heroin rehab in Saudi Arabia

    doctor and patient

    Although its use is highly stigmatised, heroin use is a lot more common than most people think. Heroin is so addictive, and its symptoms so severe that the drug can easily take over a person’s life completely.

    If this has happened to you or someone you care about, it is important to seek treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.

    Heroin withdrawal is notoriously difficult to get through, with a high likelihood of severe physical symptoms as the substance gradually leaves your system.

    This element of danger is why you are best to go through heroin detox and withdrawal at a rehab clinic, where you can be properly supervised and your discomfort can be managed, likely through the use of medication.

    Heroin withdrawal usually involves the use of Subutex, followed by putting the patient on to a course of methadone, the dosage of which will be carefully thought out and tightly controlled.

    Some people will be on methadone for 12 months or longer – this is very common and is usually what is required to wean the body off of heroin for the long term.

    Heroin rehab is not just about detox – that is just the first part, usually taking about ten days to get through.

    For the remaining weeks at a residential rehab, you will seek to understand the aggravating factors of your heroin addiction, whether that be behavioural, psychological, lifestyle-related, or all of the above.

    With the help of the mental health team and the other clinicians on-site, you will be able to get to the bottom of your issues and explore why you are compelled to use heroin in the first place.

    You will also be provided with some coping techniques to deal with any cravings or relapse triggers going forward. This will give you a great chance of getting into recovery in the long term.

    Get the support you need to beat heroin addiction in Saudi Arabia by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Cannabis rehab in Saudi Arabia


    As it’s more socially accepted, many people don’t see cannabis as particularly dangerous – but if you become addicted to it, it can have devastating consequences.

    It doesn’t produce physical withdrawal symptoms, but you can build up a tolerance to it, meaning you’ll consume more and more just to get the same effect.

    Withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Headaches
    • Chills
    • Cravings
    • Loss of focus
    • Irritability
    • Difficulty sleeping

    If you go through treatment for cannabis addiction, as it doesn’t require a physical detox, there will be a strong focus on your mental health.

    Treatments offered to you may include cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectal behavioural therapy and holistic therapies.

    Because it is not physically addictive there is no need for a cannabis detox.

    We have more information about cannabis rehab and cannabis addiction at this link.

    Get the support you need to beat cannabis addiction in Saudi Arabia by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders in Saudi Arabia

    two women sitting either side of a door

    Alcohol and drug addiction is usually not a condition that exists in isolation. There are usually other mental or psychological issues going on within the person with an addiction.

    This could be a personality disorder such as borderline personality disorder (BPD) or a chronic mental health condition such as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or indeed depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many other conditions.

    Chronic conditions like this are challenging to live with as it is, and they can easily make an addiction much more challenging to deal with.

    This is why one part of rehab is assessing whether you have any of these co-occurring issues and addressing and treating them if you do.

    Unfortunately, these issues can often go undetected and/or untreated for years, but going to rehab is a good opportunity to tackle the issues head-on through treatment. This is usually referred to by clinicians as dual diagnosis.

    Discover how a alcohol and drug addiction treatment will work to support your mental health in Saudi Arabia by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    How much time will I spend at a drug rehab centre?

    Holding hands

    Most people stay in rehab for a total period of 28 days. This covers every part of the process, from admission and detox to eventual discharge.

    Some patients will take longer than others to go through drug detox, usually because they have a particularly severe addiction, which can make detox more challenging.

    This could, in turn, have a knock-on effect on the rest of their treatment plan, meaning that they would need to stay at rehab slightly longer than 28 days.

    For some patients, i.e. those who don’t need to go through detox, there are ten-day rehab treatment plans available. However, this would not be the case for anyone who is withdrawing from alcohol, opiates, or prescription drugs like diazepam.

    All of these would require a proper medical detox, followed by the remaining time at rehab in therapy and treatment.

    To learn how long you will need to stay at a drug and alcohol rehab in order to beat addiction in Saudi Arabia, call our team today on 44 330 333 6197

    Types of therapy and treatment offered for addiction sufferers in Saudi Arabia

    Woman in therapy session

    Professionally supported drug and alcohol rehab is one of the best ways to recover from addiction.

    Your therapy schedule at rehab will feature a number of different schools of therapy, all of which have their own set of benefits and rewards.

    This is because addiction is a complex condition with physical, psychological, and behavioural components, all of which need to be explored and addressed with the help of mental health professionals.

    Below is a list of a few different therapies that are likely to form part of your plan. Please remember that the therapies included in your treatment plan will vary depending on the centre you are referred to and your circumstances.

    This is something that we can discuss with you in detail during your phone consultation.

    Cognitive behavioural therapy

    Cognitive behavioural therapy, often shortened to CBT, is a therapeutic technique that is commonly used to treat chronic mental illnesses, including drug and drug and alcohol addictions and other addictions.

    CBT aims to challenge the thoughts and behaviours of the patient, so they can learn to manage their emotional responses and help them to develop coping techniques.

    Dialectal behavioural therapy

    Dialectal behavioural therapy, or DBT for short, is an evidence-based therapy often used to treat addiction problems.

    It is based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles but is particularly useful in treating mood disorders, suicidal ideation, and other similar mental health problems. A lot of these issues often co-exist with drug and alcohol addictions.

    Motivational interviewing

    Drug and alcohol addiction can be so all-consuming that it takes over the life of the person suffering. Unfortunately, this means that they can often lose track of their goals, ambitions, and motivations in life.

    Motivational interviewing is a technique that aims to combat this kind of ambivalence and encourage people to find new motivations in life.

    It is about guiding the patient towards finding their own forms of motivation and focus, rather than dictating it to them.

    Group therapy

    Group sessions are a big part of life at rehab. They provide a sense of community and help people heal by opening up to others.

    Members of the group can also learn a lot from each other and their collective experiences. These sessions will take place regularly and are usually overseen by a member of staff and/or a senior member of the group.

    This will of course be matched by many individual therapy sessions.

    Holistic and alternative therapy

    This approach to therapy provides general support for physical and mental well-being.

    Through art therapy, music therapy, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, nutritional therapy and many other techniques, the addiction sufferer is supported to recover in both body and mind.

    Experience any and all of these effective therapies at a drug and alcohol rehab by calling our team on 44 330 333 6197

    The 12-step approach to drug & alcohol recovery in Saudi Arabia

    Group therapy session.

    During discussions around addiction and recovery, you may have heard the term ’12 steps’ mentioned at some point.

    The 12-step system, devised in the 1930s, is basically a set of principles that underpin the Alcoholics Anonymous organisation and similar organisations such as Gamblers Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

    The programme highlights 12 actions people can take, which are said to result in long-term recovery if followed correctly.

    It encourages taking actions like making a list of the people you have wronged and addressing those wrongs where appropriate. It also encourages followers to give themselves over to a ‘higher power’ to guide them through healing.

    It is a programme with strong spiritual/religious overtones – while this may work for some, and it does, others prefer a more clinical approach, perhaps including evidence-based therapies such as CBT.

    This is a matter of debate within the recovery community, but ultimately it comes down to a matter of personal preference for the rehab service user.

    Here at Rehab Recovery, we want you to know that, whether you would like to involve yourself with the 12-step programme or not, we can provide a range of options for treatment that will suit your needs.

    This is where our services can be very useful – helping you make sense of the various options and discern one type of treatment facility from another.

    Discover how the 12-step approach can help you to beat addiction in Saudi Arabia by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Relapse prevention planning during rehabilitation in Saudi Arabia


    Completing a drug & alcohol rehab course in Saudi Arabia will take a lot of hard work and dedication.

    Experts have agreed that abstinence is always the safer and more effective route to addiction recovery.

    It’s an outstanding achievement for anyone to get sober and into therapy. Still, it is important to be mindful of the transition to re-joining the outside world as someone newly sober.

    This is why one of the final tasks you will have at rehab is to draw up a detailed relapse prevention strategy with the help of on-site professionals.

    This will be a document that outlines proactive steps and reactive measures to strengthen your recovery. For example, the team of professionals may advise you to cut off contact with a friend who is still in active addiction for your recovery.

    You may also be encouraged to attend regular addiction counselling sessions or group meetings.

    Some of these decisions may not be the easiest to make, particularly when deciding who you socialise with. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that all suggestions are made with your best interests at heart.

    Recovery is a challenging journey; the more prepared you are, the better your chances of success.

    Make sure that your recovery from addiction in Saudi Arabia is matched with an equally effective relapse prevention plan by calling our team on 44 330 333 6197

    Aftercare & therapy groups in Saudi Arabia

    two people holding hands

    All of the clinics with which we are associated will offer a year of aftercare services at no extra cost. This means that you can go back to the clinic at off-peak times, usually weekends, for catch-up meetings.

    You will be able to bolster your recovery by being refreshed on what you have learned, sharing with the group, and helping others in their recovery journey.

    These meetings are not mandatory to attend, but many people find them to be a great resource during their first year of recovery.

    Generally speaking, the more proactive you are in your own recovery, the better your chances of achieving a successful recovery in the long term.

    This is why attending regular group meetings outside rehab is usually suggested. This could be through AA , NA, or perhaps a 12-step equivalent.

    Match your recovery from addiction in Saudi Arabia with an equally effective aftercare plan by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

    Call Rehab Recovery today

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    Our team of dedicated recovery experts are here to help you in any way that they can.

    If you are ready to commit to the recovery process, please call us on 0800 088 66 86 if you are in the UK or +44 330 333 6197 if you are calling from Saudi Arabia or anywhere else overseas.

    We know that addiction is a sensitive subject, particularly in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world. Therefore, please be assured that all calls to Rehab Recovery are treated with utmost privacy and confidentiality.

    Start your recovery journey in Saudi Arabia by calling us today on 44 330 333 6197

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