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Hourly Heroin Finds in Bristol

Posted on January 31, 2018

Hourly Heroin Finds in Bristol

In Bristol, and areas near the city, every hour there is a gram of heroin seized by the police. A gram of cocaine is found every six seconds.

According to a statement by the regional police, nearly 10 kilos of heroin was found in 2016/2017, which translates to more than a gram of heroin being found by the police every hour. However, statistics regarding the police crackdown on drugs is the fact that in 2015/2016, the previous year, the amount of heroin seized was 3.2 kilogram. This indicates that the heroin seized tripled over a year. The quantity of methadone has also risen in three-fold, and the amount of crack cocaine confiscated in the area has reached the highest point since 2009.

In England and Wales, police found nearly 6 kilograms of cocaine last year, which calculates as to the police finding a gram of cocaine every few seconds. Compared to the year before, where the Avon And Somerset seized 4.5 kilos. This is an increase of nearly one-third.

The amount of cocaine confiscated in the Bristol area reached the highest peak in 14 years. The Home Office also noted that since the turn of the last decade, the rise in the volume of drugs seized has been growing consistently. The Border Force is responsible for confiscating most of the cocaine in the United Kingdom. Yet, the part the police plays in finding drugs like cocaine has been increasing. The percentage of cocaine found by the police has increased compared to last year. The Border Force has seen a massive increase in cocaine seized by the organisation compared to the year previous, nearly 30 per cent. The Police, however, have seen an even higher increase in the amount of cocaine seized. From 700 kilo’s the year before to 1000 kilos of cocaine last year.

Nearly two-thirds of all cocaine seized last year had been small packages weighing less than a gram, with only 3 out of 100 packages weighing over half a kilo.

Last summer, a story was circulated about the rise of cocaine in the city of Bristol, after a study noticed an unusual level of cocaine in the sewers of the city. The residuals in these sewers have been found and tested by the EMCDDA, a European agency that researches drugs and drug addiction.

However, the rise in volumes confiscated nationwide does not include every drug. The amount of crack cocaine seized by the police has gone down over compared to the previous year, as has there been a nationwide decrease in the amount of heroin, and ecstasy confiscated by the police.

When it comes to cannabis, we have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount found and impounded by the police. Only a third of the amount of cannabis found in 2016, has been found in 2017. The border force only found 31 per cent of cannabis compared to the amount they found last year. The Border Forces have seen a decrease in the amount of cannabis confiscated, but the police, on the other hand, have seen an increase in the number of drugs confiscated.

Non-recreational drugs like anabolic steroids have seen a slight increase in the amount seized nationwide. The amount seized, 5 million doses, is the highest number in three years.

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