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Freelancers’ Mental Health UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on February 16, 2023

Freelancers’ Mental Health UK [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you a freelancer, or thinking about making the move to become one?

There are many reasons people are attracted to this way of working.

There’s often the dream of freedom from choosing your own hours, making more money, and only taking on interesting work.

Tell someone you’re a freelancer or self-employed and people think you have it easy.

Friends and family call during your working day assuming you have time to chat (if only)!

Gig economy, as freelancing is sometimes called, isn’t half as simple as it might appear despite how much people have flooded to it in the past twenty years.

Working for yourself has a huge effect on mental health.

Not only do you need to understand and effectively execute the job or service you offer at all times, you need to understand how to market yourself, get new business in, maintain current working relationships, manage finances and accounts, as well as a whole host of other tasks.

Being a freelancer means being business-minded and being astute in all areas.

While you might imagine it easy to set your rates when meeting a client, in a world where your competition is global and people undercut you because their cost of living is cheaper, it can be difficult to do so, especially if you’re not the most confident.

This is just one challenge that freelancers commonly experience.

It’s no wonder that freelancers end up having to take time off as a result of their mental health.

You’ll see the statistics on the infographic which also outlines how many are concerned about the higher cost of living we’re all facing in the UK.

It’s natural that many freelancers have considered leaving self-employment to become employed.

There are, though, certain things you can do to make freelancing easier. As well as this, you’ll find some tips below on how to more effectively manage your mental health.

You can view the infographic below:

freelancer mental health infographic

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