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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fleetwood

Read this Rehab Recovery location page for more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Fleetwood. Contact us today.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fleetwood

    Fleetwood is a town by the Coast in Lancashire England. If you or a loved one lives in or near this area. Then help is there for you during this challenging time of your life.

    You can start the journey to recovery and to a better healthier life today.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Fleetwood, contact us today at 0800 088 6686.

    How To Accept Addiction Help

    At home support

    Establishing and recognising that one may have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse can be really difficult. This is especially true when these substances have been used as coping mechanisms, and now feel out of control.

    Many people with substance abuse issues can feel powerless as their addiction takes hold of every aspect in their lives.

    But you are not alone, through the support of professionally trained staff, you can start your road to recovery and to living a sober, drug and alcohol-free life.

    Being aware of withdrawal symptoms and signs of addictions can be the best way to start to have an internal look and see if you rely on drugs and alcohol through addiction. (4)

    In the drug and alcohol rehabs in Fleetwood, here this can be achieved with support and care. Through the use of therapy, you can start to understand as to why you use drugs or alcohol as a way to cope or deal with stressful situations, and thus why it has become a prominent part of your day to day. (4)

    Start to recover with professional support

    Professional support from trained medical support and therapists is a vital step and stage to go through for an effective and long-lasting recovery. At drugs and alcohol rehabs in Fleetwood this is offered tenfold.

    There is a residential rehab where the inpatient can really reap the benefits of the staff and the resources that they have to offer.

    This will be hard, but you will be starting a new stage of your life, your sobriety, which will be all the more worth it in the long run.

    The trained staff are there to support you in a judgement free zone, they have your best interests at heart and so will tailor a medical plan and recovery best suited for you and your situation.

    They will guide you through this process and be there by you side. Support is there and it is waiting for you to use it.

    Use the professional support that is available to you by contacting us on the 24/7 free chat online. Or contact us on 0800 088 6686

    It can be a lonely and disheartening place trying to get through a hard time of-your life and addiction alone. This can lead to relapses and the lack of faith in the process.

    You do not have to do this. People are here who want to help you and who have been trained to guide you through this process in the best way possible. (4)

    Complete leading treatment programmes with our help

    There are different types of drug and alcohol rehabs in Fleetwood. Both private and NHS funded.

    These vary in price, and if you are unsure about what your financial situation can afford and be feasible for you, then please get in contact by our chat line linked here or call us on 0800 088 6686.

    Further support from drug and alcohol rehabs in Fleetwood that surpass your time in rehab include the goal in building a strong support system for you to use. This can be the network that is around you to help you through stages of rehab.

    Mental health can be a common dual diagnosis that comes its addictive tendencies and substances abuse issues.

    Identifying this and being able to use the medical staff and therapy services, can really improve your quality of life. As well as the support you have around you.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Fleetwood, contact us today at 0800 088 6686.

    What to Expect from Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Fleetwood?

    In drug and alcohol rehabs in Fleetwood you will start this process by having both a physical and physiological examination.

    This will be done by professionals who a trained to do so. This can provoke a lot of fear and anxiety. (2)

    But you are not alone.

    The staff are not here to judge where you are at in your life or addiction, but to help and assist in where and how you can move forward in a healthy way. (3)


    Detox is a stage which many too fear. This can be one of the most challenging aspects of recovery, and so doing so surrounded by medical assistance is highly recommended.

    This is so a watchful helpful eye can be there for you for whatever you may need.

    Detox is a vital stage to remove your body from all substances it has got used to. (3)

    This is your fresh start, and you can start to rebuild once this stage of recovery is complete. This can be dangerous to try at home so please reach out for help if you are wanting to start recovery.

    We are here to listen to you and to assist you in the best and most helpful way possible catered to your particular situation and addiction. (2)


    Mental health can play a huge role in your addiction and the struggles you may be facing on a daily occurrence.

    During drug and alcohol rehab at Fleetwood, your mental state will be assessed, and help is there for you should a diagnosis be reached. This could help to explain a lot of struggles you may be going through and why.

    You can and will be able to gain back the full control you have in your life through the techniques and therapy sessions you will go through during your time in rehab.

    Different types of therapy offered t drug and alcohol rehabs in Fleetwood include Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Support Groups, and Motivational sessions.

    CBT is a process to help push forward the positive thoughts and associations instead of the negative ones.

    Support groups will include group therapy and peer support from organisations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. This will be great to keep holding yourself accountable to your sobriety, as well as listing to other people’s struggles to highlight you are not alone in this feeling.

    Motivational sessions will motivate you to get excited about your sober future and all this has to offer, and the opportunities you will encounter. (2)


    Aftercare is a huge stage of recovery, and ensuring you have the correct people and influence around you once you leave rehab is vital for your recovery.

    Eliminating people from your circles and life who make you feel stressed or push you to drink or use substances is important for your growth and further development.

    Aftercare services are available from drug and rehabs in Fleetwood and people are there to help you. You are not alone even when you leave rehabilitation.

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    Please contact us on our 24/7 helpline if you need any assistance or have any questions. No question is too small. Or call us on 0800 088 6686 for more guidance

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below, we provide some answers to commonly asked questions about the drug and alcohol rehab process in Fleetwood:

    1. How many months does it take to rehab?

    Putting a time frame on how long a person should be in rehab is very challenging. This is due to each person’s substances abuse issues, and how long they have had them differing.

    However, a residential rehab is estimated at one month to three months, and the detox process usually takes 7-14 days.

    Recovery is a lifelong goal, and so should be seen a s lifestyle change rather than a specific time to ensure.

    2. How much should I spend on rehab?

    Financial situations obviously differ for each individual. I would suggest contacting your nearest drug and alcohol rehab in Fleetwood.

    Or contacting us on our free 24/7 chatline of on 0800 088 6686.

    This is to ensure you get the correct advice specific to your financial situation and what you can afford.

    3. Is Rehab Worth it?

    The sad reality is that without drug or alcohol rehabs, addictions will triumph as they claim more lives each day. For your or a loved one you do not need to endure this pain.

    You can start your journey to recovery today.

    Living a healthy and full life post rehab is done often, this is through people using the techniques and resources that they were taught during their rehab, group therapies, individual therapies, and holistic teachings, in their everyday life.

    This lowers their stress levels and allows them to not fall into dangerous old habits.

    4. What is Holistic Therapy?

    This is a teaching that is offered at many rehabs now, this includes connecting your body and mind to find a sense of peace in a stressful situation.

    This can involve meditation, Tai Chi, mindfulness and yoga. (1)

    These are great practices to centre yourself and help for your mind and body to stay healthy. Many drug and alcohol rehabs in Fleetwood now offer these services, as it is proven just how effective teachings like these are in playing an important role in the aftercare of many.

    Using these techniques can help people to stay sober.


    (1) Dossey, B. M. (1998). Holistic Modalities & Healing Moments. The American Journal of Nursing, 98(6), 44–47.

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