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Best Recovery Blogs of 2018

Posted on December 3, 2018

Best Recovery Blogs of 2018

This year has been a fantastic year for addiction recovery blogs. To celebrate and reward the hard work that’s been put in by these individual bloggers, we would like to announce our Top Recovery Blog Awards 2018. Many of these blogs make up the rich online recovery community. We hope this Awards will help to encourage further activity in this important area well into 2019 and beyond!

In our opinion, these blogs are providing a valuable source of free information and support. Today, the Internet is the de-facto and even the sole source of information for millions of people. Many people are more likely to read these recovery blogs than they are to seek information from their local physician or library.

Because many of the bloggers are themselves in recovery, they serve as positive role models for people who are in the grips of drug or alcohol addiction. These bloggers also help readers overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation that often go hand-in-hand with addiction.

Without further ado, we now list our top 40 addiction blogs of 2018. This list is ranked in completely random order. We urge you to spend the necessary time checking out what these bloggers have to say on the topic of recovery:

1. SMART Recovery

Smart Recovery describes itself as “the leading self-empowering addiction recovery support group, offering tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research and participate in a world-wide community which includes free, self-empowering, science-based mutual help groups.” 2018 has been a fantastic year for SMART Recovery. It’s pumped out content in many different forms, including videos, podcasts, events and blog articles.

2. Alta Mira Recovery

Altamira Recovery is a residential treatment center located in Sausalito, California. The team over at Altamira Recovery have impressed us with the volume of content they have pumped out in 2018, and we hope they can keep up this good work in 2019.


2018 has been another consist year for We have enjoyed reading the content produced by both Natalie Baker and Kerry Nenn and we look forward to their offerings in 2019.

4. The Raleigh House

The Raleigh House has really invested in its content strategy in 2018 and we are happy to reward the team by including them in this list. The Raleigh House’s CEO and key author is Eric Lapp, so well done Eric. We do hope you are able to continue this good work well into 2019 and beyond!

5. AA Beyond Belief

AA Beyond Belief is an international website made up of a community of people who have found a secular path of recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous. The website provides “a space for the agnostic, atheist and freethinker in Alcoholics Anonymous”. This website is a fantastic resource for all AA related content. This includes a variety of podcasts, blog content and audio.

This website has many contributors drawn from the AA community across North America. We would actually go as far as saying this website is one of the best AA-related resources on the Internet. AA Beyond Belief was created by John S from Kansas City at the urging of Roger C, who operates the website AA Agnostica.

6. Inspirations Youth

Inspirations for Youth and Families is a Teen Rehabilitation Facility for people aged 13-18 struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness or behavioural issues founded by Dr. Karen Walsh and based in Florida. This website provides another example of a private treatment provider that’s invested in its content strategy in 2018. Since this provider focuses on treating teens, all of the content relates to teen addiction. We feel this is a valuable contribution in a niche-specific area in an area that’s generally under-served when it comes to online content.

7. Living Sober

Living Sober is a community website designed to support people examining their relationship with alcohol. Living Sober was founded by Lotta Dann with the support of the New Zealand Drug Foundation and Health Promotion Agency. We particularly enjoy this blog because the articles are written by people who are actually in recovery rather than professional content writers. Also, the blog posts are more organic rather than following ‘click bait’ style that’s all to common nowadays.

8. Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Hope is a rehab clinic based in Thailand and their content department is headed up by Paul Garrigan, who is also Hope’s registered manager. Paul has released 41 episodes of Hope’s podcast to date. Paul is also a registered nurse. In our experience, it’s almost unheard of for medical staff to get involved in content, so well-done Paul!

9. Cathy Taughinbaugh

Cathy Taughinbaugh set up her blog to assist parents whose child is struggling with a substance use disorder. Cathy’s website contains articles, ebooks and a free parent course. We definitely enjoy keeping up with Cathy’s posts and we believe Cathy does provide something unique to this important body of knowledge.

10. Free by the Sea

Free by the Sea is a private rehab provider in Washington, USA. Free by the Sea has consistently added blog articles month-on-month throughout 2018 and we hope 2019 will be just as lively.

11. Beginnings Treatment

Beginnings is a private rehab provider based in Southern California. Beginnings has pumped out many well-written articles in 2018, which we have secretly been following through Facebook. We hope Beginnings’ investment in quality content continues in 2019.

12. Willow Springs Recovery

Willow Springs Recovery is yet another example of how a private recovery center can invest its resources into a well-tuned content strategy to help really make a difference to the lives of people it treats and beyond.

13. A Hangover Free

A Hangover Free Life is by Louise Rowlinson, a UK-born ‘sober blogger’ and public health nurse based in Australia. Louise’s blog is one of the most genuine on this list. Some of the blogs featured on this list publish content in order to further commercial interests. Not so with Louise’s blog. Louise offers outstanding insight into everything recovery and addiction, and this is definitely one to follow in 2019!

14. Sober Senorita

Sober Señorita is by Kelly Fitzgerald Junco. Kelly is a ‘sober blogger’. All of her posts are derived from first-hand experience. Some recovery blogs do seem ‘forced’ and full of ‘click bait’ type headlines with no substance. Kelly’s posts could not be further away from this model. If you actually want to learn about life in recovery from a person who is actually in recovery, then follow Kelly’s blog. Kelly has written 10 blog posts in 2018, but these posts are some of the best when it comes to reading a first-hand account of life in recovery. Go Kelly!

15. Lasting Recovery

Lasting Recovery is an outpatient treatment center in California. The content team over at Lasting Recovery clearly has come up with a clever content strategy in 2018, and we hope this trend continues in 2019. This blog is particularly useful if you are living in California, as many of the posts are region-specific.

16. Living Without Alcohol

Living Without Alcohol is the brainchild of Mrs D, a 46-year-old wife, mother, author, blogger & recovery advocate. Mrs D has been in recovery since September 2011. This blog offers a first person narrative by a person who is actually in recovery. Mrs D doesn’t have a ‘content strategy’ because she really doesn’t need one. The first-personal nature of this blog is a clear sign of its quality. If you want to succeed in your recovery, look no further than Living Without Alcohol. We hope to see a lot more of Mrs D’s activities in 2019!

17. The River Source

The River Source is a treatment clinic based in Arizona. This blog offers many valuable articles relating to addiction and recovery. The blog is particularly informative when it comes to de-mystifying the addiction treatment process.

18. Quitting Crystal Meth

Quitting Crystal Meth is a blog by Joseph Sharp. Joseph penned a bestselling book on crystal meth recovery that he utilises to further his message. Sadly, Joesph passed away in late 2018. Joseph was a long-term survivor of HIV and a recovering crystal meth addict. This blog has a huge number of articles you can gain inspiration from by reading.

19. The Sobriety Collective

The Sobriety Collective is a living, breathing community of creatives living a substance-free life (either self-identifying as in recovery from substance use disorder and/or mental health concerns, sober-curious, or straight-edge, etc.), making contributions in music, film, writing, fashion, technology, beauty, business, comedy, photography/art, philanthropy, education, fitness, yoga, + more.

20. Alpine Recovery Lodge

Alphine Recovery Lodge is a treatment clinic in Utah. The content team is headed up by Amy Rothermel. Amy has produced many interesting articles in 2018, so well done Amy! All of Amy’s posts are well-written and offer an in-depth perspective. We look forward to your posts in 2019.

21. Soba New Jersey

Soba Colledge Recovery is an addiction treatment centre for young adults in New Jersey and headed up by Greg Hannley. All of the posts are well written. We look forward to continuing to read Soba’s posts in 2019!

22. Unpickled Blog

Jean McCarthy began writing UnPickled on her first day of sobriety in 2011. She has been chronicling her adventures without alcohol ever since. Jean writes about travelling through Italy sober, getting through her father’s illness and death without drinking, and day to day challenges like work functions and awkward encounters. Jean also hosts a pod-cast called the Bubble Hour.

23. Changing Lives Foundation

Changing Lives Foundation is a Colorado nonprofit organization providing hope and help for families struggling with addiction, alcoholism or substance abuse. This blog is maintained by Judy & Joe Herzanek.

24. New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery is a treatment center based in Orange County, California. The content team headed up by Jamie Strassenburg has consistently produced 3-4 blog posts each month in 2018. This is definitely one of the best blogs when it comes to ‘treatment clinic bloggers’ as opposed to blogs written by ‘sober bloggers’.

25. Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Tired of Thinking About Drinking is a blog by Belle Robertson. Belle has lived in recovery for over 6 years. Belle has written a book on her recovery and 80% of what she does is completely free; and among the paid supports, she is the rare sober coach who offers one-on-one support as a sober penpal through her Sober Jumpstart course, and has worked individually with over 2900 people.

26. Know the Odds

Know the Odds is a not-for-profit dedicated to increasing public awareness about problem and disordered gambling. This blog is an excellent resource for those in recovery from gambling addiction, although many of the articles will make useful reading for those recovering from substance misuse. This blog also hosts ebooks, videos and infographics.

27. The Center 4 Life Change

The Center 4 Lifechange is a treatment center in California. This blog has produced at least four posts month-on-month throughout 2018, so well done. The posts offer an insight into a range of topics relating to addiction and recovery.

28. Treatment and Recovery Systems

RecoverySI offers a resource-rich website covering a range of topics relating to addiction recovery. This website’s aim is to ‘help with recovery’. The content team is headed up by C. Scott McMillin.

29. Since Right Now

Since Right Now is a blog and podcast run by Chris Aguirre. Chris is a former alcoholic now living in recovery. Chris offers many resources, how-tos, personal stories and podcasts. Highly recommended!

30. Ranch Creek Recovery

Ranch Creek Recovery is a treatment center based in San Diego, California. These guys have invested heavily in their content strategy in 2018, and we look forward to reading their blog in 2019. The posts are written in the third-person and most posts relate to the treatment process rather than recovery.

31. Balance and Breathe

Balance and Breathe teaches powerful tools to strengthen resilience, reduce stress at work, and increase wellbeing for staff and organisations through workplace wellness programs. This blog is headed up by a fellow Brit, Ester Nagle. Ester excels when it comes to holistic treatments such as mindfulness and yoga. Well worth a read if eliminating stress is something you take seriously! Ester also hosts many of her videos in the ‘public speaking’ section of her website.

32. Quit and Recovery

Launched in September 2011, the International Quit & Recovery Registry seeks to understand what allows people to succeed in overcoming addiction, whether to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or harmful behaviours. Led by Warren Bickel, PhD, a world-renowned addiction researcher and director of the Addiction Recovery Research Center of the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, the registry taps the insights and experiences of people who are in recovery from addiction.

33. My Life As 3D

My Life As 3D is written anonymously by a man whose son is in long-term recovery from addiction. All of the posts are well-written, offer a first-person perspective.

34. Dirk Hanson’s Addiction Inbox

Addiction Inbox is a blog by Dirk Hanson. Dirk’s blog focuses on a variety of substance abuse disorders, particularly alcoholism. He teaches readers about AUD whilst making light of various misconceptions applying to this important topic.

35. Drunky Drunk Girl

Drunky Drunk Girl is written anonymously by a woman who is recovering from alcoholism. She meticulously details life in recovery. This provides excellent encourage for both those new to or well-established in their recovery. All blog posts are 100% genuine and written in the first-person. You won’t find click-bait and regurgitated content that’s become all-so-common in the addiction and recovery niche. This blogger has had a prolific 2018 and we hope this level of dedication continues for a long time to come!

36. Inland Detox

Inland Detox is a treatment centre located in California. All blog posts are written in the third person and mostly related to the addiction treatment process.

37. Our Young Addicts

Our Young Addicts is a community of parents and professionals sharing experiences, resources and hopes on the spectrum of addiction, treatment and recovery.

38. Boozemusings Community Blog

Boozemusings is maintained by a variety of different writers. This blog has had a fairly prolific 2018, covering a range of topics relating to recovery and alcoholism. Boozemusings’ community is also activate on The Fix where members have written many valuable articles.

39. Last Call Blog

Sober Life is a blog by Nancy L. Carr. Nancy is a sober blogger. Nancy has had a fantastic year. Her blog posts offer real encouragement for people looking for encouragement and motivation in order to sustain their recovery. This blog is definitely one of our top picks in this list!

40. Talk Therapy Center

Providing individual and intensive outpatient treatment for addiction, depression, anxiety, and general mental health concerns.

And some final works

If you made it into this list, then congratulations. We reviewed literally hundreds of blogs and rounded up our favourite into the above list. We would like to add that we actually follow each of these blogs month-in-month-out and we can attest to the value you will gain if you also read what they have to say on the topic of addiction and recovery. If your blog didn’t make it into this list, get in touch with us today and we shall ensure you are in the running for next year’s awards.

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