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Alcohol Rehab Montrose

    Alcohol Rehab Montrose

    Do you live in Montrose? Do you battle with drug and alcohol dependency on a daily basis? Perhaps going to a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Montrose is something you may have considered in the past, but you’ve not taken the time to discover how going to rehab could help turn your life around.

    It’s undoubted that going to rehab is an immensely popular option in the 21st century, and this popularity is mostly due to the fact that rehab works in helping people defeat addiction for good.

    Rehab Recovery is a free helpline that helps people living in Montrose and across Scotland locate drug and alcohol rehab that’s tailored to their needs. We do not directly offer rehab services. Instead, we do exist to help you locate rehab that we have identified as being a good match in meeting your needs.

    These rehab clinics we recommend in Montrose include a mixture of private and statutory run facilities. If you are able to fund your own rehab, you will be able to begin your treatment immediately. Statutory rehabs require you to submit a funding application to your local council, and it’s possible this application could take up to 6-12 month to process.

    Beginning the treatment process

    Once your admission into a rehab clinic is confirmed, your treatment will begin with a mental and physical assessment. Addiction counsellors will also assess your needs in terms of the specific types of therapies that are suited to your needs. It’s important to stress that drug and alcohol rehab treatment is never standardised. Instead, treatment is fully tailored to your needs.

    Before you go to rehab, it’s important to take stock of your aims. Do you wish to cut back on drug and alcohol use, or do you wish to pursue complete abstinence? It’s important to realise that drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Montrose will not entertain the idea of ‘moderation management’. Instead, rehabs prefer to focus on abstinence-based treatment. Why? Because moderation management all-to-often leads to a relapse.

    Attaining long-term recovery is an ongoing process. Going to rehab is not a ‘magic bullet’ that promises to guarantee your long-term recovery. Whilst going to rehab offers your recovery the best possible beginning, it’s vitally important for you to work on your recovery each day for the rest of your life. Relapse is never too far away when you are in recovery, and for this reason, it’s important for you to practice what you learn at rehab each and every day for the rest of your life.

    Rehab treatment in Montrose will always begin with a clinically supervised detox. Abruptly ceasing to take drugs or alcohol is bound to trigger withdrawal symptoms, and untreated withdrawal symptoms pose a legitimate risk to your life. For this reason alone, drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Montrose provide medications to soothe these withdrawal symptoms to safe levels. Withdrawal symptoms will be fully treated for around 5-6 days. After the sixth day, the clinic will reduce your medications as you naturally begin to regain your health.

    To discover suitable drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Montrose, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 140 4690. We are able to place you into drug and alcohol rehab clinics across the Angus region in DundeeForfarArbroathBrechin and Montrose.

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