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If you live in Arbroath and require drug and alcohol rehab, then get in touch with Rehab Recovery’s friendly and knowledgeable team today. Your treatment options are many, and it’s important for you to select the treatment that’s a good fit for your needs.

You will be required to opt for residential or outpatient treatment in Arbroath. Generally, we recommend residential treatment for people who require a medically assisted detox. It will become clear whether or not you require a detox following the completion of our free telephone assessment. You may benefit from this assessment today by contacting us on 0800 088 66 86.

Reaching out for help is perhaps the most important stage of your recovery. The simple truth is that you can’t make this important journey if you are unable to step on board in the first place. Many of our advisors are living in recovery themselves, meaning we understand it may seem awkward speaking to strangers about your addiction. We help to alleviate these concerns by informally chatting with you before we move onto the telephone assessment.

Turning your life around isn’t easy. However, with professional addiction treatment, this process is vastly simplified. The overall aim of going to rehab is to help you live your life completely free of both drugs and alcohol. If abstinence is not something you wish to attain, then it’s likely you are not ready to go to rehab.

However, with professional advice, we are sure you will ‘see the light’ that will convince you that abstinence is probably your only real option. This is particularly the case if you suffer from chronic drug addiction or alcoholism. In this situation, returning to ‘controllable’ or moderate alcohol and drug use really isn’t an option.

What happens during rehab?

When you begin drug and alcohol rehab in Arbroath, your treatment will follow a linear and logical path. This path spans several stages which we shall outline below. This path is evidence-based and proven to work. Whilst the particulars of each stage within this path will differ considerably between different rehab providers, the overall framework will remain consistent.

Below, we list the various stages you should expect to experience during a drug and alcohol rehab programme in Arbroath:

  • Initial assessment and examination by a doctor
  • Detoxification under the supervision of medical experts
  • Rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic sessions
  • Aftercare and continued care

The above treatment path ensures your care needs are fully met. The above also ensure the root mental causes of drug and alcohol addiction are addressed. Finally, the above ensures you receive ample care and support once you have left the rehab clinic’s premises to return to your normal life.

Going to rehab means you do not have to attempt sobriety without care and support. It’s common for people experiencing addiction to believe they are ‘lost causes’. Going to rehab will give you the much-needed confidence that you can succeed in your recovery. However, it’s also important to ensure you select a rehab that’s a good fit for your needs. This is where Rehab Recovery may assist.

We offer a free rehab matching service. We maintain a large database of drug and alcohol rehab providers both in Arbroath.

We are able to place you into drug and alcohol rehab clinics across the Angus region in DundeeForfarArbroathBrechin and Montrose. To learn more about how we may assist, contact us today for free on 0800 088 66 86. Our helpline is confidential, and we shall not pass your details onto drug and alcohol rehabs in Arbroath without your permission.

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