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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Northwich

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    Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Northwich

    Northwich has been named the most dangerous small town in Cheshire, and this is in part due to its drug-related crimes.

    In November 2021, the crime rate in Northwich was 0.41, and there were 9 reports of drugs, which made it the worst small town for drugs in Cheshire. (1)

    In wider Cheshire, in the same year, there were 65 deaths related to drug poisoning (35 in Cheshire West and 30 in Cheshire East). (2)

    This represented a significant increase since 2020, when there were just 18 drug poisoning deaths in Cheshire West, and 14 in Cheshire East. (3)

    In terms of drug deaths relating to substance abuse, there were 3,060 in Cheshire in 2021, which is 63% of all drug deaths in the area. (4)

    The alcohol statistics are no less concerning. In 2018/19, 7,180 people in Cheshire West and Chester were treated for alcohol-related causes. (5) When we compare this to the 2012/13 figure, which was 6,070 people, we can see that the alcohol problem in Chester is not getting any better.

    The media often presents statistics on the cost of Northwich rehab, to emphasise how expensive it can be to get treatment. For example, one rehab facility reportedly costs £3,500 per week, and it is not marketed as a luxury rehab. (6)

    However, this can be misleading, as there are drug and alcohol rehabs of many different price scales in Northwich, so the standard rate is not £3,500 per week.

    What’s more, it is likely that this rehab facility provides options for more affordable care, i.e., shared rooms.

    The average stay is said to be 4-6 weeks, but most rehabs are for 4 weeks, so it is inevitable that this particular centre will be more expensive when patients are staying for a longer period of time.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Northwich, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    All About Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Northwich


    If you struggle with drug or alcohol dependency, you will most likely know something about drug and alcohol rehab in Northwich.

    However, if you have not done the research yourself, it is possible that your idea of rehab will be inaccurate. We want to tell you the reality of Northwich rehab.

    If you have heard that all patients at rehab will have a detox, this isn’t true. Some substances do not cause physical addiction, so it is not necessary for all patients to have a medical detox. However, it is very likely that you will detox, especially if you are addicted to alcohol or heroin.

    The bad news is that detoxing is not easy, as it can cause you to experience withdrawal symptoms including insomnia, cravings, shaking, muscle aches, fatigue, hallucinations, and seizures.

    There is less chance you will have a seizure if you detox at rehab in Northwich, as you will be given medication to prevent this from happening. If it does happen, there will be someone available to treat you immediately.

    Most detoxes last around 3-7 days, and once the patient has successfully withdrawn from the substance, they will move on to the therapy sessions offered at Northwich rehab. Every day, patients take part in therapy sessions, as well as additional classes such as motivational groups.

    The final step involves creating an aftercare plan. The patient is invited to contribute to this plan, as they know best which resources they will need when they leave rehab.

    For the next 12 months, the patient will be able to depend on this aftercare plan to keep them sober. As well as aftercare, they will be encouraged to make healthy choices that prevent relapse from occurring.

    One common part of the aftercare plan is regular calls from the rehab facility. We believe this is extremely helpful for patients, as they are less likely to relapse when the staff (who they have grown to know and trust) are holding them accountable on a regular basis.

    Relapse is also less likely if patients feel cared for, and these regular calls are often a reminder that the patient’s well-being is a priority for drug and alcohol rehab.

    Why Should I Recover in Northwich?

    Recovering in a rehab facility close to home is ideal for most people. Practically, it is easier as the treatment centre will most likely be just a short drive away. This is important if the patient wishes to have their family visit them during their stay.

    It may also be less stressful to attend rehab when it is around the corner, as you only need to focus on getting time off work, rather than considering how you will travel to rehab, and how you will get home at the end of the 28 days.

    Sometimes, people recover more successfully when they are in a familiar environment. This means they benefit from attending rehab in Northwich, as they know they aren’t far from home, and this reduces their anxiety.

    On the other hand, there is no requirement for you to go to rehab in Northwich. If you believe you would be better off in rehab in a different area, you can request to get a referral somewhere else.

    You may find this better if you want some distance from your hometown, as it is common to associate your drug and alcohol struggles with the area you live in.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Northwich, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    FAQs About Addiction Treatment in Northwich

    Person on laptop

    We’re going to answer some FAQs about addiction, as well as treatment in Northwich. If you have any questions that aren’t mentioned here, first find out whether any of our other articles hold the answer.

    If not, you can call us on 0880 088 66 86 and ask to speak to an addiction specialist.

    Is alcohol a drug?

    Yes, alcohol is a drug. More specifically, it is a central nervous system depressant. It is both physically and mentally addictive, just like many other drugs.

    The main difference between alcohol and other drugs is not their qualities or the symptoms they produce, but the simple fact that alcohol is legal in the UK.

    Why do we distinguish between alcohol and drugs?

    The main reason we distinguish between alcohol and drugs, despite alcohol being a drug, is the fact that alcohol is legal. This means it is more socially acceptable to drink high quantities of alcohol, and even to be dependent on alcohol, than other substances.

    Some people are not even aware that alcohol is a drug, as it is so widely used, and is subject to less stigma than illegal substances. For this reason, they may separate drugs and alcohol when they are discussing substances.

    Can anyone develop an addiction?

    Technically, anyone can develop an addiction. You do not need to be the child of a drug user, have an ‘addictive personality’, or go clubbing to become dependent on drugs. Anyone who uses a drug is risking developing an addiction.

    Yet, there are certain risk factors for addiction, which means some people are more likely to become addicted to a drug than others. The main risk factor is genetics, so if someone has family members with addiction, they are more likely to develop one at some point.

    As people do not tend to know whether they are genetically prone to addiction (unless they have family members who suffer), they may falsely assume that they are safe in terms of genetics, when they are not.

    Another risk factor is trauma. When people are exposed to trauma, they are more likely to develop an addiction.

    This is because trauma changes the brain, and it can lead to long-term issues such as a sensitive fight or flight response, depression, and anxiety. People may turn to substances to cope with this, which could easily lead to an addiction.

    Even if you have not experienced severe trauma, your environment can increase your risk of addiction. This includes getting involved with people who use drugs, being desensitised to drug use, or experiencing challenges including grief or divorce.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Northwich, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    Can you recover from addiction?

    It is possible to recover from being in the depths of addiction. This means that you can live a sober lifestyle without experiencing extreme temptation. When you do feel temptation, you can resist it by applying certain coping mechanisms.

    However, there is no way to completely recover from addiction and never experience temptation again. This applies to people who have never had treatment, as well as people who have had intense treatment at rehab.

    The reason for this is that addiction is a disease without a fixed cure. Treatment helps patients to cope, but it cannot take away their vulnerability to addiction.

    Is abstinence or harm reduction better?

    We believe that abstinence is always better as an addiction treatment. Harm reduction works for some people, but it tends to push patients back into their lifestyle of addiction, as they struggle to practise self-control when they are using drugs in any capacity.

    As difficult as abstinence can be, it ensures that patients have the best chance of sobriety, as it is easier to resist temptation when drugs are completely off-limits. This is especially true when patients build a support system consisting of other sober individuals.

    What’s more, we cannot expect people with addiction to treat substances in the same way that the average person does.

    While many people could use alcohol or drugs occasionally and not become addicted, this is not the case if they are prone to addiction, and we should therefore be keen to outline the harm of drugs in addiction treatment.

    Can you home detox in Northwich?

    Yes, there are home detoxes available in Northwich. You could use a Northwich treatment team, or even liaise with another treatment team if you wish, as you do not have to attend any appointments during the home detox.

    The detox is very similar to a home detox as it is at rehab, yet it is much more independent as you do not have doctors monitoring you.

    You will need to follow the instructions of the treatment provider at all times, which usually means not taking on other responsibilities while you are detoxing, having a family member there to support you, and taking prescribed medication at the correct times and in the correct dosages.

    Home detoxes in Northwich do not come with therapy, but we strongly recommend that you arrange your own therapy when you finish treatment. It is best to find a therapist who specialises in addiction so that they will be able to help you in your recovery journey.

    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Northwich, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.

    What is addiction treatment like in Northwich?

    As we have mentioned, you could choose to go to rehab in Northwich, for detox and therapy. The other option we explained was a home detox in Northwich.

    However, there is one more common option that we have not yet discussed. This is outpatient treatment in Northwich.

    Outpatient treatment is similar to rehab in the sense that there is a detox and therapy, and they usually take place at a rehab facility. However, it also resembles home detoxing the fact that patients stay in their own homes during treatment, only attending the clinic for daytime appointments.

    If you opt for private addiction treatment in Northwich, you will never have to deal with waiting lists of months to years. Usually, the wait time will be a maximum of a couple of weeks, and a minimum of a day.

    If you choose Rehab Recovery as your treatment referral service, you are guaranteed access to quality drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Northwich.

    The clinics differ in terms of facilities available, therapies offered, and location, but they all consistently take people with severe addictions, treat them for 28 days, and provide them with a relapse prevention plan that lasts for a year after rehab.

    Some of our clients ask us whether there is a treatment option that works for everyone. The answer is no, as everyone has different needs when it comes to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

    However, if we had to choose just one option for all, it would definitely be rehab in Northwich. Rehab has it all, from detoxing and therapy to healthy meals, sports facilities, and aftercare plans.

    If you are after the flexibility and privacy of outpatient treatment and home detoxing, we cannot pretend that rehab will deliver in the same way. That being said, if you get a private room, you are guaranteed to have plenty of downtimes away from other patients and staff.

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    For more information about drug and alcohol rehab in Northwich, please contact Rehab Recovery today at 0800 088 66 86.


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