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Mephedrone is a relatively “new” drug which was only classified as illegal in 2010 and is still quite freely available online as a plant fertiliser. It is a stimulant drug called 4‐Methylmethcathinone, part of a family of drugs related to amphetamines. It most often comes in a powder form for snorting or swallowing and is also available as a pill or capsule.

Mephedrone is commonly referred to with the slang terms meow (or miaow), drone, bubbles, 4-MMC and MCAT. It is becoming popular with clubbers as the effects are a combination of those achieved from using speedcocaine and ecstasy. Mephedrone users normally feel alert, confident, energetic, euphoric and talkative. Effects last about an hour which means taking multiple doses is common.

There are no currently known physical signs of addiction to mephedrone but its use is quite compulsive and psychologically addictive. Repeated and long term use can cause fits, agitation, hallucinations, paranoia and even death.

Symptoms of Mephedrone Addiction

Do you know someone who is worrying you by exhibiting a possible addiction to mephedrone? Try asking yourself the following questions.

  • Have you seen any signs of involuntary teeth-clenching, nausea, vision problems, chills or sweating?
  • Do they have very dilated pupils while seeming hyped up, excited and full of energy?
  • After periods of excited energy do they become moody, depressed, excessively tired or even violent?
  • Are they experiencing weight loss, anxiety, insomnia, nervousness and mood swings?
  • Do they often seem to have difficulty concentrating on things?

Do you know someone who is suffering from an addiction to mephedrone? Call us now for free help and advice on how simple and easy it can be to get free of an addiction to mephedrone and live a happier, healthier life.

Get Help For Mephedrone Addiction

Finding the right treatment service that can help you live free of an addiction to mephedrone is often a complicated and time-consuming process. If you need urgent help and are finding the wide variety of treatments on offer overwhelming, that’s where we come in.


Our mephedrone addiction treatment assistance gives you:

  • A free help and evaluation service to help you choose
  • Guidance on the best treatment options for your circumstances
  • Assistance in picking out the most cost-effective options
  • Information on quality of care, best clinical practice and more
  • Complete clarity so you can make the right choice of treatment

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