Private Home Detox

If you’ve made the commitment to getting free of addiction but find the concept of going into residential rehab or detox too inconvenient or offputting, private home detox can offer a great solution, giving you professional medical support to get free of the physical symptoms of addiction in the comfort of your own home.

Private home detox offers the best of all possible worlds for those who are seeking to conquer their addiction but are unwilling or unable to enter residential treatment.

  • Get a full evaluation to see if home detox is safe and practical for your needs
  • Full medication support with written instructions and full guidance on use
  • Home visits from a dedicated professional to monitor safety and comfort
  • 24/7 telephone support throughout the home detox process
  • Complete aftercare planning and rehabilitation support
  • Help with making arrangements for your home detox before you begin

Fully medicated detox is an absolute essential if you need to withdraw from alcohol or most types of drugs (including many prescription drugs). As well as needing support from a professional to ensure you don’t abandon your plan to escape addiction due to discomfort, attempting to detox without supervision can be extremely dangerous.

Private home detox doesn’t need to be a painful ordeal. Choose one of our professionally managed home detox courses and we can help you to get free of your addiction with minimal discomfort.

We can provide access to dedicated private home detox professionals with many years of experience who are able to provide a top class service which ensures that your individual needs are placed at the centre of your detox programme.

  • Get the individually designed alcohol detox you need to ensure you can get clean without discomfort
  • We offer expert advice and guidance on the best alcoholism clinics and courses that are right for you
  • Take your detox programme in your home, safe in familiar surroundings, rather than in a strange clinic or hospital environment

For exclusive and highly discreet advice on our range of private home detox courses please call now in complete confidence on 0800 088 6686 and let us help you take the first steps on your road to recovery.

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