Types of Addiction Intervention

Addiction interventions are a chance for the loved ones of someone who is addicted to express their concerns and help the addict realise that there is a need for help. Many addicts are unable to see their own problems so are unlikely to ask for help independently.

There are various types of addiction interventions which apply in different situations and can be used for different needs, but remember none of these should be attempted without an intervention professional.

Family Intervention

As the name suggests, this is normally held by the immediate and extended family of the addicted person. Everyone is given a chance to talk openly and calmly about how the addicted individual’s behaviour affects them and how they are worried about their family member. The family then tries to convince the addict to seek help, possibly by being admitted into an addiction treatment centre.

Teenage Intervention

Sadly, teenagers sometimes abuse drugs or alcohol or exhibit repeated self-destructive behaviour which can become an addiction. Those in their teens, addicts or not, tend to be naturally more rebellious than older people and so a highly diplomatic and tactful approach is needed to ensure that the intervention does not become conflicted. It is best to seek out an intervention professional who is a specialist in teenage addiction problems.

Workplace Intervention

It is not unheard of for people to arrange an intervention for addicted colleagues in a workplace or office environment. This needs to be handled extremely carefully and only by those whom the addicted person is friendly with and respects, or it can, in fact, exacerbate the problem.

Emergency Intervention

Emergency addiction interventions are held when there seems to be a very real and immediate danger to the addicted person. If family and friends see someone they care about who is at extremely high risk it is not unheard of for an emergency intervention to be called for at very short notice.

This can sometimes involve getting the addict admitted rapidly to a detox (detoxification) centre under close medical supervision before moving on to less drastic addiction treatments.

Always remember that any intervention requires professional advice and guidance, and should not be undertaken lightly or with poor planning. Contact us today for help finding an appropriate intervention professional who can assist you with an intervention for someone you care about before it is too late.

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