Intervention for Addicts

Have you been wondering how you can help someone you care about move out of denial and start facing up to their addiction problem? An intervention can be a very beneficial way to help someone realise their issues and make a decision to seek addiction help.

What Is An Intervention?

Intervention is not a single event, but a structured and controlled process carried out by concerned family members, friends or co-workers and an intervention professional.

Intervention begins by assessing the current situation of the addict and giving professional guidance and information to those will be involved. It culminates in the “intervention meeting” which is where those who are involved meet with the addicted person to discuss their worries and thoughts.

The aim of this meeting is to convince the addict to accept that they have a problem which they need assistance with and that they need to seek an appropriate form of treatment in order to address.

What An Intervention Is Not!

An intervention is not, and should never be used as:

  • A chance for friends and family members to voice their anger and frustration with the addicted person
  • A method of emotionally blackmailing the addicted person into a rehab clinic or treatment centre
  • A one-off shouting match or emotional outburst with no prior thought, plan of action or professional assistance

Starting An Intervention

We can provide information and guidance on how to stage a successful intervention process for any addict, as well as recommendations and advice on choosing an intervention professional to ensure that your intervention achieves its goals, whether it is just acknowledging a problem or beginning the path to addiction treatment.

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