Family Addiction Counselling

Most substance and behaviour addiction problems are immensely self-destructive but don’t just affect the addict. Addiction problems have a negative impact on the whole family as well as the friends of the addict.

It is common for feelings of anger, frustration and bitter resentment to arise in the addict’s family members, causing relationships to break down. This, in turn, makes the addict’s problem worse as they end up in a spiral of shame and turn back to their addiction to “make the pain go away.”

Here at Rehab Recovery, we are aware of how terrible an impact on the addictive behaviour of a family member can have on an entire family.

This is why we can offer advice and access to counselling for families who are affected by addiction. Family counselling creates a safe and secure environment for family members so that they can be open and honest with each other about their feelings on the situation.

The family as a whole is, therefore, better able to understand the nature of addiction as an illness, rather than “just a problem” that their family member has which is affecting everyone.

Family addiction counselling also provides advice and coping strategies for handling their loved one’s problem during the trying process of treatment and recovery.

Now armed with the tools they need to handle the stress of this difficult times, they are able to begin rebuilding their relationships, both with each other and the addicted loved one, so that when addiction treatment is complete the entire family can move forward together in a healthier and happier life.

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