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It’s estimated around a million people in the United Kingdom suffer from an addiction of some sort. If you or a loved one have found this page, you are about to discover a solution that will help you give up alcohol without having to the repeat the cycle of endless relapse after relapse. If this sounds like something you desire we urge you to read. You will finally discover for yourself how our innovative alcohol rehab clinics in the UK can help benefit you or your loved one in your united attempt to defeat alcohol addiction once and for all.

What is an addiction?

Unfortunately, an addiction is a defined as a habitual and repetitious disease that’s impossible or very difficult to control. This is despite the many negative consequences the addiction inflicts on the sufferer’s lifestyle. Addiction essentially offers short term please in return for long term pain. This pain is often in the form of family, social, financial, career and marital problems. However, people suffering from an addiction are simply trading long term problems for short term relief.

Treatment at our alcohol rehab clinics in the UK

Some addictions are caused by physical abuse to substances. Other addictions are due to compulsive behaviours that go unmanaged and unchecked. At Rehab Recovery, our alcohol rehab clinics in the UK specialise in the treatment of physical addictions relating to alcohol abuse.

How addiction arises

At Rehab Recovery, we believe all addictions arise when a person has a disposition to sensitivity. This sensitivity means people suffering from addiction are more likely to experience discomfort due to stress that life throws their way. This discomfort often manifests itself in the form of anxiety and depression. This discomfort is masked and numbed through the use of alcohol abuse. People addicted to alcohol thus began to drink in order to ‘feel better’ about themselves.

However, over time tolerance to alcohol is established. This means more and more alcohol is required in order to mask and numb discomfort and discontent with everyday life’s stresses and pains. Eventually, the sufferer must be intoxicated with alcohol in order to feel ‘normal’. At this point, the sufferer cannot function or feel normal without consuming alcohol. The plain reality that alcoholism is negatively impacting the sufferer is not enough to break the chains of addiction.

Seeking the right intervention you require to defeat your addiction

If you relate to the above, then why not consider attending one of Rehab Recovery’s alcohol rehab clinics located across the United Kingdom? Seeking professional treatment from a professional alcohol rehab clinic is the most effective way to break free from the chains of addiction once and for all. The vast majority of people addicted to alcohol will be incapable of getting better without this support. In short, you need other people to help you overcome your addiction. This is because you require affirmation that you are a good person and a person who is capable of defeating an addiction to alcohol. Without this support, you are highly unlikely to succeed by yourself.

How we are able to assist you

When you attend our therapy sessions, your treatment begins with building awareness of your addiction and the unique psychology that fuels your addiction. Our approach to therapy is akin to a nurturing parent where you are encouraged to figure out your own path to sobriety but with the help of professional therapeutic input. This means out treatments are not thrust upon you. Our treatments take on a ‘forum’ style approach where our therapist does not talk ‘at you’ but ‘with you.’ This encourages your full participation in the treatments we provide. We believe it’s important you feel in control of your progress since you must be able to self-direct your own recovery when you eventually leave our alcohol rehab clinic.

Replacing dysfunction with resourcefulness

We believe resourcefulness exists in all of our patients. Addiction has up to this point robbed you of your resourcefulness, and so it is our duty to restore your sense of control and resourcefulness when it comes to defeating your addiction. Other therapists may wish to uncover your dysfunctional side, whilst we wish to uncover and nurture your resourceful side. We feel the act of raising your hand and seeking out our support allows us to assume hold hope in overcoming your addiction to alcohol.

Helping you defeat the shame you attach to your addiction

When you attend our alcohol rehab clinics, we ensure you understand your addiction is the problem, and not you personally. The problem is defined as a ‘what’ and not as a ‘who.’ You are not defined as an ‘addict’ but a person suffering from an addiction. Externalising the language that relates to addiction helps you to view your illness with an objective lens. This greatly assists you in overcoming your addiction since you no longer align your identity with being an ‘addict.’

Getting help today

If you would like to control your emotions and hence your addiction, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86 for fast access to our alcohol rehab clinics. Alternatively, contact us through this website for a free assessment. Many of our team have defeated their own personal addiction and so your call for help will be met with utter understanding and compassion.

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