When To Stage An Intervention

Intervention can be a very effective tool to persuade an addicted friend or family member to enter rehabilitation or otherwise seek addiction treatment.

A lot of families struggle for a long time, sometimes years, to try to convince their loved one to seek help for their problems. Common tactics include bargaining, emotional blackmail or unrealistic threats or promises.

Interventions often help to break the self-destructive cycle of addiction by forcing the addict to accept that they have a problem, thereby encouraging them to seek help and treatment to become healthy again.

Addiction As Taboo

It is sometimes said that a family who has someone suffering from an addiction is like sitting around a room with a hippopotamus in the middle of it. Everyone is happy to talk around the hippo, over the hippo or even through the hippo, but nobody is willing to say anything about the fact that there is a hippo in the room!

This is a kind of taboo, events within the family which “just aren’t spoken about” since they happened. In cases like these, an addiction intervention often acts as a much-needed catharsis. It often brings up some embarrassing or frustrating past incidents for the family and the addict, but ultimately will open up true communication in the family which is healthy for everyone.

By allowing everyone to speak openly and calmly about their feelings, both past and present, the loved ones of the addict can combine their pressures to encourage the addict to recognise their problem and acknowledge that they need help.

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