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Heroin Rehab & Heroin Detox Clinics London

Do you currently live within the grip of heroin addiction? If you do, an escape from your addiction may currently seem like a totally unachievable goal. You may have attempted to finally rid your life of heroin, but all these attempts have resulted in failure. You may have even successfully completed a heroin detox, only to have relapsed at a later point in time.

If you relate to the above, we are here to offer you a heroin detox and rehabilitation service in London that really does work for you. This service ensures you no longer have to live your life addicted to heroin or other opiates. Essentially, we offer a long term solution that's based on abstinence and not harm reduction.

At Rehab Recovery, our key aim is to ensure you are sufficiently rehabilitated. By the end of your treatment programme, you will perceive yourself as a happy and functional individual. More importantly, you will be able to live your life without heroin and other opiates. This will remove you away from your current reality where you are often seen as a 'lost cause' or 'black sheep.'

How we can help

When you contact Rehab Recovery, we assess your needs. We aim to place you into a London heroin detox and rehab clinic that's best suited to your needs. Our overall aim is to get you totally heroin-free. During your detox, you will be prescribed with a partial opiate agonist to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This agonist is typically subutext, given its low risk abuse potential.

Typical withdrawal symptoms experienced during a heroin detox include cramps, vomiting, chills and nausea. You may also experience a range of psychological withdrawal symptoms such as intense cravings for heroin, depression and anxiety.

The acute heroin withdrawal phase lasts for around six to ten days. During this time, you will also be given a range of vitamins, minerals and prescription drugs to help you further manage your withdrawal symptoms. Following the completion of your detoxification programme, you will begin to engage in therapy sessions.

The importance of therapy

These therapy sessions aim to treat the mental aspect of heroin dependency. During your stay at a London heroin rehab centre, you will take part in a number of therapy techniques. These techniques include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and a range of holistic therapies.

Essentially, therapy sessions seek to assist you in understanding your ongoing motives for using heroin. Often, you may take heroin as a way of self-medicating pain caused by past traumatic events. Therapy helps you understand and cope with trauma without resorting to heroin use.

Why we insist on residential treatment

At Rehab Recovery, we solely refer you to residential rehab clinics. This is because heroin withdrawal symptoms must be constantly managed by professionals to ensure relapse does not occur. This is generally not possible when you choose to undergo treatment on an outpatient basis.

The importance of aftercare

When your detoxification and rehabilitation programme comes to a conclusion, you will then require a structured follow-up and aftercare programme to be put in place. All heroin rehab centres we work with in London offer this facility as part of their core treatment programme. This ensures you are well supported when you return home. This is particularly beneficial during the first twelve months of your recovery when relapse is statistically most likely to occur.

Get in touch today

For instant access into a London heroin rehab centre, contact Rehab Recovery today on 0800 088 66 86. Our free helpline is available twenty four hours a day. We are staffed by experienced addiction counsellors and our advice is totally unbiased. We aim to assist you during this testing time, and many of our telephone advisors have themselves defeated heroin addiction in the past.

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